JYJ's Park Yoochun Faced With Alleged Drug Charges

The warrant to search the singer's house has been approved

By Hanan Haddad 16 Apr, 2019 6:22 AMTags
Park Yoochun, JYJHan Myung-Gu/WireImage

Despite being acquitted from sexual assault charges, it seems like South Korean singer and actor, Park Yoochun of K-pop boy group, JYJ is in another sticky situation. 

This time it is caused by his involvement with his ex-fiancé, actress Hwang Hana who has been arrested for drug charges. Hwang Hana is the only granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Founder and was dubbed as "Korea's Paris Hilton" at one point. 

Park became a suspect of drug charges when Hwang claimed that she did drugs with him while they were together. She went further to say the following, "I took Philopon for the first time in 2015 and quit but began again last year after Park Yoochun recommended it to me." Philopon is a type of methamphetamine, a psychoactive drug that is illegal in most countries. 

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When these allegations came to light, Park immediately hired a lawyer and held an emergency press conference on 11 April to publicly deny the aforementioned allegations. During his press conference, Park said, 

"I have never done drugs. I was very scared to see that Hwang Hana pointed out there was another celebrity involved in her drug investigation and recommended the drug to her, and that people would point out that the celebrity was me.

I have never done drugs but I am afraid that I am going to be labelled as a druggie. The fear of no matter how much I squirm and say it's not me, people would run and think it was me came to mind. But because I have never done drugs, I thought that I would go to the investigation agencies and tell them I would be willing to be investigated."

Park is reportedly cooperating with the police and their investigation into him as a suspect in order to clear his name and save his acting career, which had taken a massive hit after all the scandals he has been embroiled in. 

The police have requested a telecommunications warrant for CCTV footage from cameras around the location that Hwang reportedly did drugs with Park. They are currently gathering evidence from Hwang's submitted handphone as well. 

News outlets reported that the police are in the midst of searching Park's private home after the search warrant was approved. 11 detectives searched Park's home for potential physical evidence (eg. phones) and biological evidence, collecting hair samples and so on. 

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They will look through the potential evidence gathered for traces of drug use. Until the investigation is done, Park is in limbo, unable to move on with his career. 

Park pleaded for fairness among the press and public during his press conference, "I have been working hard to push through the pain every day so I can be able to promote as an actor again.

I can't imagine that all of the effort I have put in would be put to waste over some drugs. I will go to the police station and be truthfully participate in investigations."