8 Times Jessica Jung Gave Us Major Beauty #Inspo

As the Korean beauty turns 29, we take a look at the times she gave us major beauty envy and what we can learn from her

By E! Asia Staff 18 Apr, 2019 2:25 AMTags

Former Girl's Generation member turned fashion label owner, Jessica Jung is most known for her impeccable style and immaculate makeup looks that perfectly enhances her natural beauty. Since her debut in 2007 as part of one SM Entertainment's top girl bands at that time, Jessica seems to have not aged at all!

As the Korean beauty turns 29, we take a look at the times she gave us major beauty envy and what we can learn from her:

The Best K-Beauty Sunscreens For Daily Protection
#1: Always Protect Your Skin From The Sun

While enjoying herself on the Californian beach, Jessica wore a wide-brimmed hat to shield her skin and eyes from the sun's glaring rays. We're sure she also made sure to apply sunscreen all over before heading out.

#2: Less Is More

Jessica keeps it simple when she attended the Basel World in Switzerland last month. Her makeup was pared down and she kept to light touches of rosy pink on her cheeks and lips to accentuate her beautiful skin.

#3: Have Some Fun With Peachy Lips

Not one to shy away from experimenting with colours, Jessica shows us how easy it is to pull off a peachy lipstick. With a combination of pink and orange undertones, peach flatters almost every skin tone. If you're still wary, take a cue from Jessica and try a sheer lipstick or use a lip tint to create a subtle stain on your lips.

#4: Rosy Cheeks Gives Skin A Apres-Ski Glow

To create that lovely wintry flush, go ahead and work a little more blush onto your skin. To prevent the look from fading, try using a cream or liquid blush onto well-moisturised skin, before topping off with a powder blush to set the makeup and prolong its wear.

#5: Red Lips Give Instant Glam

Jessica shows us that the easiest way to glam things up is transforming your hair and adding a bold lip colour, as she transforms her look instantly with a sleek ‘do and sexy red lips.  

#6: Prioritise Self-Care

Pamper yourself by drawing yourself a bubble bath every now and then to relax and unwind. Try dropping a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy oil blend into the bath to soothe your senses. After all, you can only take care of the people around you if you take care of yourself first!

#7: Sleek & Shiny Hair Makes You Look Polished Instantly

In a head-to-toe lace outfit, Jessica contrasts the feminine look with sleek and straight hair. Cop her look and use a flat-iron to straighten your hair before finishing with a shine spray to look instantly polished.

#8: Glitter Is Always A Good Idea

Who says glitter is only for children and teenagers? With makeup being the best tool for self-expression, there's never a better time to wear glittery and shimmery makeup, even for grown-ups.