The Top Korean Hair Care Brands For Luscious Locks

Must-try products from the top K-beauty hair care brands

By E! Asia Staff 16 Apr, 2019 2:25 AMTags
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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past decade, you'd definitely have tried and loved your fair share of K-beauty skincare and makeup products. Known for their perfect marriage of cutting edge technology and traditional remedies, K-beauty is also becoming increasingly popular for hair care and hair styling products.

Harnessing the rejuvenating properties of Korean ingredients and keeping in mind the needs of demanding and sophisticated customers, look no further than the following Korean hair care brands for the answers to all your hair care and styling woes:

The Best Brightening Serums From Your Favourite K-Beauty Brands

As a fashion-forward hair care and hair styling brand, Mise-En-Scène products are made to enable every individual to be able to create any style that they desire, anytime, anywhere. With the philosophy that hair styling is a crucial part in self-expression, the products are straightforward, uncomplicated and easy to use. And one of its best-sellers, Perfect Repair Serum, $10.60 for 70ml, does just that.

Made of a blend of seven botanical oils, including argan, camellia, marula, olive, jojoba, coconut and apricot, this all-in-one serum hydrates, detangles, protects and smooths hair so it remains soft and sleek all day. With continued use, damaged and brittle hair becomes less prone to breakage and more resilient.

Amos Professional

Created for hair professionals, Amos Professional is synonymous with creating effective products of premium quality for the ultimate in Asian beauty. Specially formulated to combat major hair and scalp concerns, provide long-lasting styling benefits and to support in-salon treatments and services, Amos Professional products are packed with active ingredients for high-performance results.

If you're new to the brand, try its Feel The Green Tea Shampoo. Available in three variants to suit all hair and scalp needs, this product infuses skin with the antioxidant-rich green tea to neutralise free radical damage, infuse hair with shine and stimulate hair follicles for healthier hair growth.

Choose the variant for oily hair if you are prone to excessive sebum production as it contains salicylic and zinc pyrithione to gently exfoliate scalp, deeply cleansing it of impurities and dandruff-causing fungus that have accumulated. After just one use, scalp feels instantly refreshed and over time, sebum production is regulated and hair regrowth is denser and stronger.


Stemming from the belief that healthy scalp brings about healthy hair, all of Ryo's products are formulated to restore health and vitality into the scalp as the fundamental to beautiful hair. And its key ingredient, is none other than ginseng, a precious herb that is highly valued for its bountiful benefits, from improve circulation, boosting skin elasticity, as well as to strengthen hair follicles.

For those who are struggling with thinning hair, try the Hair Loss Care Treatment, $12.90 for 200ml. Approved by the KFDA, it is one of the few over-the-counter products that has been proven to have a positive impact on hair loss. Perfect even for those with oily scalp, this nourishing balm stimulates the hair follicles and moisturises the scalp to support healthier and fuller hair growth. At the same time, it is also enriched with ingredients that help strengthen and smooth hair for lustrous locks.

Daeng Gi Meo Ri

Known for its use of traditional Korean herbs, Daeng Gi Meo Ri is a Korean haircare brand that combines age-old remedies with modern extraction methods to produce effective products that enable its customers to achieve optimal hair and scalp health. And one of its best-sellers is the Vitalizing Shampoo, $38.80 for 500ml.

Made of Acorus Calamus Rhizome Water, which smoothes and conditions hair, this shampoo is perfect for everyday use as it also invigorates the scalp for healthier hair growth. Supported by other herbs like mugwort, ginseng and white mulberry, your hair and scalp are doused in these antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients while microcirculation of the scalp is improved.


Fans of K-beauty are no stranger to Innisfree and its nature-inspired products that are made with ingredients from the pristine island of Jeju. Thanks to its pollution-free environment, the ingredients harnessed from Jeju are pure and full of natural goodness to nourish our skin and hair. While Innisfree might be better known for its skincare and makeup products, it also offers a full range of hair and body products to ensure you're well taken care of from top to toe.

And our favourite? Innisfree's My Hair Recipe Refreshing Shampoo, $15 for 300ml. It contains a blend of Jeju pine, cedar and cypress which stimulates the scalp for better microcirculation while soothing your senses. It also has wormwood extract, which is full of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to eliminate excess sebum and remove impurities from the scalp for healthier and fuller hair growth. Those with oily scalp will also appreciate this formula as it balances sebum production to keep hair and scalp well-balanced.