Get to Know the Rich Kids of the K-Pop Scene

Born rich and beautiful, these K-Pop Idols have it all!

By Adriel Chiun 12 Apr, 2019 8:33 AMTags
Choi Siwon, Richest Idols in K-PopTwitter/@choisiwon

Born into privilege beyond compare, these K-Pop idols grew up in leafy and posh neighbourhoods in their native South Korea and all around the globe, and experienced childhoods unlike any other.

Rich and beautiful to a fault, they hit both the genetic lottery and quite frankly the lottery of life. But these K-Pop royals don't just measure their success with vast family wealth, they also have some of the greatest fan bases!

Here are ten of the hottest South Korean exports that come from money.

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Jennie (Blackpink)

Quite possibly the undisputed princess of the all-female vocal powerhouse, Blackpink's Jennie and her mother often appear as tabloid fodder; embarking on shopping sprees around Korea and the world — buying up some of the most expensive cars and couture. And the rumour mills continue to churn out speculations of her mother being a director and major shareholder of famous entertainment group CJ E&M.

Tzuyu (TWICE)

Owning numerous aesthetic clinics and hospitals in China and Taiwan, the mother of TWICE's Tzuyu is also a shrewd businesswoman — she opened countless eateries in their hometown in Korea after Tzuyu found fame and success. Attracting hoards of ardent fans of the K-Pop songbird, the eateries are often hives of activity.

Jeong-Yeong (TWICE)

Potentially the richest member of the super girl group, the father of TWICE's Jeong-Yeong is a famous restaurateur and cook who specialises in intricate and flavourful Korean cuisine. Heiress to a dining establishment in one of the ritziest parts of Seoul, Jeong-Yeong is set to inherit quite a fair amount of wealth.

Siwon (Super Junior)

One of the hottest men that South Korea has ever produced, Super Junior band member and actor Choi Siwon's father is the former CEO of famed pharmaceutical company in South Korea, Boryung Medicine. Often teased by his bandmates, for being able to afford buying over any television station they make an appearance on, Siwon also owns an enviable portfolio of properties in Seoul.

Nickhun (2PM)

Going to the Waganui Collegiate School ­— one of New Zealand's most prestigious academic institutions — for education, Nickhun from 2PM's family paid close to AU$55,000 per annum for tuition fees. And if this doesn't cement his family's wealth, then surely his parents being the CEOs of one of Thailand's most lucrative pharmaceutical companies, will.

Sooyoung (Girls' Generation)

Being the CEO of a South Korean architecture firm that helped build the famous Seoul Arts Centre, the grandfather of Girls' Generation member Sooyoung is as iconic as his granddaughter. Sooyoung's grandfather also built one of the largest houses in the capital for his family. The Korean pop starlet has also inherited a considerable amount of the family wealth which only goes to show how high her net worth is.

Suho (EXO)

Growing up in one of the wealthiest zip codes in the South Korean capital, EXO's Suho has led a charming childhood in glitzy Apgujeong. A well known academic and college professor, Suho's father also possesses one of the greatest minds in Seoul. When the band first started out, the other EXO members would always look to Suho to lavish the group with feasts, fit for kings of K-Pop!

Umji (GFriend)

The father of the beautiful chanteuse Umji, from the iconic K-Pop band Gfriend, is a highly sought after and recognised dental surgeon in South Korea. Receiving as much fame as daughter, Umji's father also holds a high office in the Moa Dental group, which is made up of over 60 medical practices. And one thing we know about healthcare in Seoul is how exorbitant it is. So given his position and the turnover from number of practices, her family must really be incredibly well to do.

Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

Another rich prince that forms part of Super Junior is the adorable Kyuhyun. His father has been the head of an academic institution in South Korea for over two decades. Along with Seoul, Kyhuyun's father also set up schools in Taiwan and various other institutions around the country.

Mark (GOT7)

Driving luxury SUVs when he isn't busy being chauffeured around, Mark from K-Pop band GOT7 is a total baller. And it comes as no surprise that when he flies, he only occupies the first cabin of a commercial plane if he isn't on his family jet. Now, what does his family do and where do they live you may ask? Well his father used to be a businessman — and a very good one from the looks of it, because they reside in one of the leafiest parts of California near Los Angeles.