5 of the Coolest '80s Trends K-pop Idols Are Reviving

Dressing like your parents has never looked this cool

By Michelle Varinata 11 Apr, 2019 7:01 AMTags
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While it's hard to believe that 1980 was nearly 40 years ago, it looks like the era of maximalism is not over yet in 2019. If we have to define ‘80s fashion, we can't stop thinking about a flash of neon, gigantic mutton sleeves, blinding metallic dresses, shoulder-baring garments and heavy fringe jackets. Given that our parents wore them eons ago, it looks like the K-pop stars are starting to wear them again. No matter how much it is easy to hate ‘80s fashion, let's give kudos to the celebrities who pull it off best!

How to Wear The Neon Trend Like These Fashionable K-Pop Idols
THEN: Princess Diana

Mutton Sleeves

If there was one person who single-handedly launched the trend, it was no other than Princess Diana, whose infamous Elizabeth Emanuel white wedding dress birthed an era. Years after the wedding, the late royal continuously wore tops and dresses with poufy sleeves throughout the rest of the decade.

Jessica Jung

The popstar turned designer wears head to toe Chloé. While she ain't no royal, she's got the regal spirit and style like Princess Diana.

Jisoo, Blackpink

Is it 2019 or is it 1989? Taken on a film camera, Jisoo's #tbt-inspired post is making us want to copy this entire aesthetic ASAP.

Lee Sung-Kyung

Albeit a little more shorter than the exaggerated mutton sleeves of the ‘80s, we love how the actress makes it modern with this electric blue satin dress.


Metallic, holographic AND leg o'mutton? This top doesn't get any more meta than the decade it's inspired by.

Seohyun, SNSD

Fit like a queen and made for the pop princess, we almost dropped our jaws when we saw this look.

THEN: Jon Bon Jovi

Fringe Jackets

We had to live on every prayer in the hopes that some questionable outfit combos won't come back. (Thank you, next Spandex and studded leather!) However, if there is one trend we truly loved from the era of Sunset Strip sleaze, it's fringed leather jackets. Famously sported by almost every guy in rock bands, we love how Jon Bon Jovi adds in clean cut bad boy sex appeal.

Lee Harin

Sporting a vintage fringe vest with a graphic tee and opaque tiny sunglasses, we are literally obsessing over this edgy combo.

Krystal, f(x)

Although the oversized silhouette has a masculine rock ‘n roll vibe, we dig Krystal Jung's laid back, yet feminine approach with loose waves and "no makeup" makeup.

G-Dragon, Big Bang

Given that he posts once in a blue moon, we're still thirsting over his lipstick red fringe jacket nearly a year later.

Hyoyeon, SNSD

Not in the mood to dress up at a party? Channel the ex-popstar turned DJ in this Boomberangable blinged up distressed denim jacket. Hit it out with a bang by adding XL earrings and animal print, too.

THEN: Madonna


The Material Girl took fashion to a whole new level during her "Like A Virgin" phase, where she never went anywhere without her signature "Boy Toy" belt, rosaries and stacks of bracelets. Before any phone-toting influencer wore a bralette in public, Madonna did it first by using it as a base under her lacy neon lime green cropped tee.


With the contemporary streetwear vibe that's popping all over the stage, we're totally feeling Itzy's matchy matchy combo of checkerboard prints and highlighter yellow.


Dressed by Ssul, the neon yellow shirt is FAR from extra. In fact, we'd kill to wear this combo everyday!

Sandara Park

No matter how bright it is, our sunglasses don't offer us any protection when it comes to Sandara's ultra colourful sneakers.


This outfit is so bad (in a good way!) that it's bound to stop traffic. Can we please get an extra can of Dr. Pepper, please?

Rosé, Blackpink

In theory, mixing one too many statements in a single outfit spells fashion victim. However, we'll give her an exception as we can't get over her feisty combo of Versace, neon red and layered gold necklaces.

THEN: Whitney Houston

One Shoulder Tops/Dresses

Despite it being known as the Carrie Bradshaw dress, Whitney Houston actually wore it first on the cover of LIFE in 1987. Designed by Eugene Alexander, the dramatic hibiscus flowers and body-hugging silhouette is just as extra today as it was then.

Jennie, Blackpink

If you don't have a one-shoulder top, take a cue from Jennie. Styling her vintage Chanel sweatshirt a la Jennifer Beals in Flashdance, we love how this shoulder-baring variation is flirty, yet demure.

Taeyeon, SNSD

Oversized sleeve? Check. Graffiti-inspired print? Check. Thigh-grazing hemline? Check. Last but not least, does it only have one-shoulder? Major check!

Lisa, Blackpink

Cutouts, sequins and one-shoulder do not belong in the same sentence; however, Lisa proves that the impossible is absolutely possible! Trust us, you want to save this on your Insta ASAP.


Sizzling in Swarovski and Sandro, we're drooling over her contemporary spin on early ‘80s fashion.

THEN: Joan Collins and Linda Evans in Dynasty

Metallic Dress

We don't condone living in sin, but we aspire to live and dress lavishly like the Carringtons. While oversized angular shoulder pads and wallpaper florals might seem dated in today's fashion, we can't help but to thirst over this lethally seductive combo of extra shine and body-hugging silhouettes!

Jisoo, Blackpink

Blinged up, fingertip-sweeping and all buttoned up, Jisoo's dress is bound to break the internet. Although this party-ready combo is only meant for the stage, we can actually rock it IRL with a white tee underneath!


Although this is more of a Romy and Michele-inspired outfit, we can't over the fact that this classic cobalt hue reminds us of the dresses that our mothers used to wear at parties.  

Hyoyeon, SNSD

With slivers of skin-revealing mesh and a little dose of metallic sparkle, her micromini dress stays in tune to the decade with collarbone-grazing earrings and sharp shoulder pads.