Get To Know The 5 Members Of South Korean Girl Group, ITZY

TWICE’s little sisters know how to pack a punch

By Charmaine Tan 10 Apr, 2019 2:06 AMTags

In the recent batch of idol groups to pop out on our radar, JYP Entertainment's ITZY certainly stands out as one of the rising stars to keep an eye on.

For the five-member girl group, consisting of Yeji (Hwang Ye-ji), Ryujin (Shin Ryu-jin), Lia (Choi Ji-soo), Chaeryeong (Lee Chae-ryeong) and Yuna (Shin Yu-na), it is not the first time that they've come face to face with the public. In fact they, with the exception of Lia, all have been on TV before; Ryujin was placed first on JTBC's survival show MIXNINE, Chaeryeong — sister of IZ*ONE's Chaeyeon — participated in JYP's own survival Sixteen, and Yeji appeared on SBS's The Fan.

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But this is the first time they are standing on stage as five, and so far they have already been killing it with their sweet looks and equally fierce attitude. The bold girl-crush concept aside, the girls' first showcase of their energetic and electro-house anthem "DALLA DALLA", or "Different Different" from their album "It'z Different", already proves that their command of the audience's attention is of another level, more akin to that of veteran idols than a rookie group.

They took home their first win just nine days after their first stage on Mnet's MCountdown, the fastest for a female idol group so far. Today, they have a total of 9 music show wins, and the last one happened after they had already officially stopped promoting their first release. If that doesn't scream success, then I don't know what else will, for fans have surely been rooting hard for them in the past few weeks.

But while their sequin-embellished music video and flashy moves make it clear that their prowess is one-of-a-kind, they have yet to show what else they are capable of or at least what they are now capable of, if you knew of them from the past. If you are new to them however, here is a short profiling of each of the members to help catch you up to speed, in time for what will surely be a highly anticipated comeback in the future.


Once described by 2PM's Junho as JYP's "secret weapon" on The Fan, it is no doubt that when Yeji whips her hair back in the beginning of "Dalla Dalla", it's her making her grand entrance. The Jeonju native is a '00 liner, the oldest of the group, the leader, and one of the main dancers. Evidently, she is quite the all-rounder, but with her alluring feline gaze, she'll know how to manipulate your focus to take in only one thing at a time. 


Lia, which comes from her English name Julia, had previously lived abroad in Canada, where she auditioned and became a SM trainee when she was 14. However, her parents wanted her to continue with her studies, so she pulled out, until she moved back to Korea to join JYP at 17. Evidently, what's meant to be yours will eventually come back to you, like how Lia thankfully ended up being in JYP even after saying no once.


Ryujin had already been relatively well-known by the media prior to the announcement of Itzy's debut because she was the number 1 contestant while on JTBC's collaboration with YG for the survival TV show MIXNINE. She was personally offered by YG to join the label after showing her sick dance skills, but she politely declined to stay with JYP, thankfully. This is why she gets to dance alongside two of the best dancers of BTS, J-Hope and Jimin – only now we've also got to watch out for her raps.


If you have seen group IZ*ONE's stages before, you will realise that Chaeryeong bears an uncanny resemblance to Chaeyeon from the group. Even TWICE's Jihyo agrees, mixing up the two before, but this is only because they are real sisters, and have both been on survival shows Kpop Star Season 3 to SIXTEEN before - they wowed crowds with their dance, a talent that seems to run in their family.


The youngest but the tallest of the group is Yuna, a '03 liner. The stunner had already caught the attention of netizens from the moment pre-debut ITZY made an appearance on Stray Kids in 2017, and then got even more attention when she was found to be the one who took Jungkook's hand in the Highlight Reel film. Now, her fiery mane is not one to miss, and fans are excited to see what other talents she will unveil in the future.