Dorit Kemsley Feels Like She's "Stabbed in the Heart 10 Times" With RHOBH Puppygate Drama

The reality star says she'll be glad to sit opposite Lisa Vanderpump at a reunion show
By Chris Harnick 02 Apr, 2019 7:26 PMTags
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In the Tuesday, April 2 episode, Kyle Richards confronts LVP about a story Dorit and the rest of the ladies suspect Lisa planted.

"I think that certain people are crafty, and they get whatever message they want out there. You have to look at the article and see who it benefits and then put two and two together," Dorit said. She said the moment she read the story about herself, Lisa and the dog, she knew it came from Lisa or her camp because of the details involved.

"It feels like you're stabbed in the heart 10 times," Dorit said about the hurt she felt regarding the story and her assumption it came from her Lisa or somebody close to her.

Dorit said it would've hurt no matter who the story came from, but because she thinks it came from her friend Lisa Vanderpump, there's "an added layer of sensitivity."

"You think aside from the fact that this hurts, my friendship is at stake," she said.

Can they ever get passed this? Dorit said as long as there are two people who want to, she thinks they can. But viewers will have to tune in.

"There are some moments where we try and you'll see how that turns out," she laughed.

Is she ready to face LVP at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion (should Lisa show)?

"She's going to show up if she wants to…I have no issues about being face-to-face…I've got receipts and I know the facts, I've got nothing to hide, so I'm free and clear, happy to be sitting there at the reunion, but other people that don't, may have a different feeling," she said.

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