Seungri Officially Booked For Embezzlement and Admits To Bribery

This will be his second charge to date

By Hanan Haddad 01 Apr, 2019 7:34 AMTags

Seungri has reportedly been booked with a second charge. This time it's for embezzlement charges. During a press conference today, the Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Won Kyung-Hwan, made the following statements regarding the official investigation into Seungri and ex-CEO of Yuri Holdings, Yoo In-Suk

"We have added an additional charge for embezzlement to Seungri and Yoo In Suk, as they have embezzled tens of millions of won in corporate funding.

After investigating Monkey Museum, we have discovered that Yuri Holdings was embezzling funding. We are currently investigating where that money went," said Police Commissioner Won. 

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Monkey Museum is a club located at Gangnam that was frequented by Seungri. It is one of the many clubs that are currently being investigated by the police after the Burning Sun scandal came to light. In the press conference, Police Commissioner Won announced that Seungri has allegedly violated South Korea's Anti-Bribery laws and that he indeed reportedly solicit prostitution. 

However, Seungri is not booked with this charge as the police are still investigating and have yet to come to the conclusion that the singer was involved in prostitution. When asked about the matter, Police Commissioner won had this to say, 

"We have been investigating for the past two weeks and have received testimonies from 4-5 women. We also received testimonies that such prostitution did happen.

We have confirmed some of the allegations as of now. It is still too early to determine if some of them were paid to do it.

Some of the cases were not just the girls being there for company, but they were sexual relations."

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Additionally, Seungri has reputedly admitted to giving Senior Superintendent Yoon tickets to Big Bang concerts, which violates the South Korean Anti-Bribery and Graft Act. This act states that public officials and their spouses are not legally allowed to accept gifts costing more than 50,000 won (approximately 50 USD) from anyone. 

The limit is only increased in cases of weddings and funerals, where public officials are allowed to receive gifts up to 100,000 won only. 

Police Commissioner Won also confirmed that Senior Superintendent Yoon played golf and had meals with Yoo, all of which was allegedly paid for by the latter. 

Seungri Is Booked With Additional Charges Of Sharing Illicit Videos

Seungri has already been booked previously for the distribution of illicit videos and photos. Thus, this embezzlement charge will be his second one as the police continue their investigations into his and Yoo's case.