The Korean Celeb's Guide to Taking a Great Selfie

Tips and tricks from top idols to nail that Instagram selfie

By Hanan Haddad 29 Mar, 2019 10:30 AMTags

When it comes to selfies, no one does it better than Korean celebs. Be it a casual mirror selfie at the dance studio or secret techniques to make them look taller, slaying a selfie (or selca, as they call it in South Korea) is all part and parcel of being an Idol. 

You too, can take a leaf out of their selfie-taking handbook and follow their mannerisms and techniques when it comes to nailing that perfect selfie. We've rounded up the best selfies from all your favourite Korean celebrities to imitate. From using flash to flipping your phones upside down to create the illusion of a taller silhouette, you'll look your best every single time.  

Scroll through to see how your favourite Korean stars such as Sehun and Hyuna up their selfie game:

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Seonghwa (ATEEZ)

Try taking your photos upside-down in order to create the illusion of a taller silhouette. Perfect for #OOTDs and portrait shots. 


Tilt your phone at an angle for an edgy vibe 


If you're feeling a little bloated or puffy, place your hand on your cheeks for an aegyo style selfie 


Mirror selfies are a classic, especially for K-pop stars. Try it with a little flash and a strategic head tilt for a more sensual vibe. 


Dressing room mirror selfies are also a celebrity staple. Ring lights work like magic to create a flawless selfie every single time. 


Group mirror selfies are always fun, especially when you're in a band. 

Saebom (MAXXAM)

Saebom demonstrating the strategic method of taking selfies by tilting the camera upside down for a more elongated effect. 

Hwan-Woong (ONEUS)

K-pop celebrities tend to take selfies as soon as they are done with hair and makeup so that the look is fresh and youthful. 

J-Hope (BTS)
G-Dragon (Big Bang)