Seungri Is Booked With Additional Charges Of Sharing Illicit Videos

Seungri, Jung Joon-Young and Choi Joon-Hoon are all booked under the same charges

By Hanan Haddad 28 Mar, 2019 8:30 AMTags

Today, on 28 March, Seoul National Police Agency announced that former Big Bang member, Seungri will be booked for additional charges, namely the distribution of illicit videos and photos. Jung Joon-Young and ex-member of FT Island, Choi Jong-Hoon are also being booked for the same charge. 

According to the police statements, Seungri did reportedly spread photos and videos that were illegally taken. When reporters asked about Seungri's initial prostitution charges, the police replied, "We are continuing to extensively check testimonies from some people in relation [to the allegations].

During a municipal meeting two weeks ago, the head of the criminal investigation department stated that ‘there is a credible testimony in relation to [Seungri's] alleged prostitution mediations,' but we have come further than that as of now."

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Jung Joon-Young, who is currently arrested and being held at the Jongno Police Station detention centre, will be faces additional charges as the police has found three more instances where Jung allegedly distributed illicit footage. 

"We plan to forward them to the prosecution on March 29. With three new instances added onto the original eight instances, [Jung Joon Young is charged with] 11 instances of sharing illegally taken footage," the police stated. 

Ex-FT Island member, Choi Jong-Hoon has been booked for the same charge as well as the police has found an additional instance where Choi allegedly shared hidden camera footages on top of the two that he has already been charged for. 

Regarding Choi, the police had this to say, "We will have to continue with the investigation to figure out who filmed it, but the individual himself (Choi Jong Hoon) acknowledged the act."

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Both Jung and Choi have been booked for alleged filming and sharing illicit videos and bribing a police officer respectively. This is Seungri's first booking, while he continues to be investigated for his initial charges of prostitution.