Celebrate Aries Season With Your Favourite Korean Stars!

Honest and courageous, these are your fellow Aries Korean celebrities

By Hanan Haddad 28 Mar, 2019 7:25 AMTags
Aries Korean CelebritiesGetty Images

It's Aries season!

Signified by the ram, people born in this period have a fiery personality that's filled with passion. This fire sign is known to be brutally honest, courageous and have a strong creative streak. They also tend to be rather impulsive and can get aggressive when provoked. Despite that, Aries make for loyal friends who will have your back no matter what. 

Due to their strong-willed personality, people born under Aries are often go-getters who will bulldoze through anything to get what they want. Often times, they become successful leaders and are great at negotiations. While they work hard, they play harder! An Aries is up for anything, whether it's a fun night of partying or an impromptu weekend trip to a remote destination. 

If you are an Aries, you can celebrate your birthday with these fiery Korean celebrities. Furthermore, if you are a Leo or a Libra, these are the celebrities who are most compatible with your sign. 

Scroll through below to see if your favourite idol was born under the flying ram: 

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Jessica Jung

Former member of SNSD and fashionista, Jessia Jung is born on 18 April. 

Lee Si-Young

Korean actress and amateur boxer, Lee Si-Young is born on 17 April and will be turning 37. 


R&B crooner and rapper, Zion.T will be celebrating his 30th birthday on 13 April. 

Sehun (EXO)

Korean heartthrob, Sehun from K-pop boy band, EXO, is born on 12 April. 

Shin Min-Ah

Beautiful and elegant, Hallyu actress Shin Min-Ah will be turning 34 on 5 April. 

Gong Hyo-Jin

Well-known actress of K-dramas such as It's Okay, That's Love, Gong Hyo-Jin is born on 4 April and will be turning 39. 


Model and actor, Ji-Soo is turning 26 on 30 March. 

Cha Eun-Woo (ASTRO)

Star of My ID Is Gangnam Beauty and member of K-pop band, ASTRO, Cha Eun-Woo turns 22 on 30 March. 


Former member of K-pop girl group f(x) turned actress, Sulli is born on 29 March. 

Park Si-Yeon

The Greatest Marriage's Park Si-Yeon is turning 39 on 29 March. 

Kim Tae-Hee

The stunning Hallyu actress who is pregnant with her second child will be turning 39 years old on 29 March.

Lu Han (EXO)

Part of EXO-M, the Chinese subgroup of K-pop boy band, EXO, Lu Han is celebrating his birthday on 20 April. 

Lee Joon-Gi

OG Hallyu star, Lee Joon-Gi turns 37 on 17 April. 

Siwon (Super Junior)

Charismatic actor, singer and a member of Super Junior, Siwon is born on 7 April. 

Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

Eunhyuk, a member of Super Junior (leader of the second generation K-pop wave), will celebrate his birthday on 4 April. 

Lee Gi-Kwang (Highlight)

Korean idol and soccer lover, Lee Gi-Kwang of Highlight is born in 30 March. 

Park Bom

Ex-2NE1 member and now, solo artist, Park Bom is born in 24 March. 

Xiumin (EXO)

This dashing member of EXO-M is born in 26 March.