Just In: BTS' "MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona" Trailer is Here!

The "Persona" trailer features BTS leader RM rapping his way through the teaser

By Pakkee Tan 28 Mar, 2019 4:01 AMTags
RM, BTSJun Sato/WireImage

We're counting down the days till BTS' comeback album, MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona, officially drops, but in the meantime, the Korean septet has released their first trailer for the upcoming track "Persona".

Only featuring BTS leader RM, the almost-three-minute-long teaser video is a visual feast that draws on street culture, graffiti, and street art as its references. 

He opens the trailer with the lyrics, "Who am I? The question I had my whole life. Who am I? The question which I probably won't find the answer to my whole life." A nod, perhaps, to the title of the album and song, which hints at an existential exploration slant for the boy band's new music. This makes a lot of sense given that the group has revealed that the album is inspired by Carl Jung's theories of psychology. If you're interested to read all the lyrics and form your own interpretation, Elite Daily has kindly translated it here.

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What's more, eagle-eyed ARMYs would have noticed the Easter eggs peppered throughout the video. Referencing their previous trailers and music videos, the BTS boys are giving fans a major nostalgic trip down memory lane. From similar graphics used in their 2014 comeback trailer for Skool Luv Affair, to a classroom and chalkboard setting that seems to reference their previous "No More Dream" teaser, the trailer is definitely an ARMY's dream to unpack.

Watch the trailer below:

Map of the Soul: Persona will be released on 12 April, and BTS will make an appearance on SNL as musical guests the next day.