10 Things You Didn't Know About K-Pop Boy Band, TXT

They have so much in store for the world

By Charmaine Tan 28 Mar, 2019 2:45 AMTags

TXT, read Tomorrow X (by) Together, has got to be the idol group with one of the most anticipated debuts ever. As the first group to come from Big Hit Entertainment since BTS debuted in 2013, it is only to be expected that the "little brothers" of the global group would be under the watchful eyes of millions everywhere from the moment they made themselves known to the world.

But it has only been one month since their official debut on 4 March, and they have already brought home their first slew of music show wins. Just eight days after releasing their first mini-album, The Dream Chapter: STAR, their synth-heavy title-bop "Crown" took home the trophy on SBS MTV's The Show. Now, they at their third win, but there is no doubt that there will only be many more to come.

The winning song uses a tale of a boy who wakes up with horns growing out of his head to celebrate self-love. While this is something that falls right in line with Big Hit's recent messaging, TXT brings their own youthful flair to the table with a zesty choreography and some of the most infectious grins — just take a look at the bright colours of their music video and you will understand what I mean when I say the rookie group is bursting with energy.

While BTS and ARMYs were there to support and hype TXT from the beginning, the quintet's adorable quirks have only begun to slowly reveal themselves from interviews and vlogs. The addictive tracks on the album have gathered a rapidly growing fanbase of TXT's own, but the budding stars have really only made themselves at home in the hearts of fans because of their puppy-eye-smiles to crowds. So if you thought they only sound adorable, here are some fun facts to prove that TXT, in its entirety, is very lovable and adorable bunch.

1. The quintet comprises of Soobin (Choi Soo-bin), Yeonjun (Choi Yeon-jun), Beomgyu (Choi Beom-gyu), Taehyun (Kang Tae-hyun) and Hueningkai (Kai Kamal Huening). Yeonjun is the oldest at 19, and Huening Kai is the youngest, at 16. Feel old yet?

2. While the leader, Soobin, towers at 185cm, members say that he is actually a big softie that gets shy in front of strangers.

3. Soobin's bias in BTS is Jin, and it shows because he has also adopted the habit of randomly winking at people from the "worldwide handsome" senior himself.  

4. Yeonjun is described by members to be the best dancer of the group, and this actually isn't news. He has appeared on stage with seniors BTS before — particularly as a back-up dancer for V's solo song, "Singularity", during some shows of their Love Yourself World Tour.

5. This group seems to be heading somewhere very great — Yeonjun with his dented head and Beomgyu with his bulging one. These are signs of great fortune in Korean culture.

6. Beomgyu has a pet parrot with the name "TOTO", and is known as the member with the most "aegyo" in the group.

7. Thanks to his well-defined features, Taehyun was a child model when he was younger. He even appeared in some educational videos that taught kids how to speak English.

8. Taehyun joked in a VLive video recently that his members don't see him sleep often, because he sometimes sleeps with his eyes open — its hard to tell when he is actually asleep and when he is not.

9. Hueningkai was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but is half Korean and half American, with German descent.

10. Hueningkai has what members call the "golden touch" — he can play the piano, guitar and drums, and has always been quick to pick up musical instruments. But God is fair: He is one of the most inflexible ones in the group.