The Weird Pregnancy Body Changes No One Tells You About

E! News Asia host Yvette King shares the weird changes her body went through during pregnancy

By Yvette King 27 Mar, 2019 6:06 AMTags
Watch: Pregnancy Body Changes No One Tells You About | E! Motherhood with Yvette

I'm not gonna lie, being preggo can have weird and wacky effects on the body and a lot of them are things you'd never expect. It shouldn't really be a surprise I guess — growing a human (or two in my case) is kind of a big deal! 

While most celebs carry off pregnancy in grace and style — yes you, Beyonce, the realities behind closed doors can be far less glamourous. Your ankles can grow to the size of tree trunks (I really feel for you Jessica Simpson — keep those legs elevated sis!), you can break out and get fine lines (even Jessica Alba, known goddess, experienced this when pregnant with her first baby Honor) and the list goes on.

Here are just some of the things that have been happening to me that made me say, WTF?