BTS' RM and British Band HONNE Announce Upcoming Collaboration

The leader of BTS and the British duo took to Twitter to confirm their upcoming music collaboration

By Pakkee Tan 26 Mar, 2019 4:30 AMTags
RM, BTSJun Sato/WireImage

If you're counting down the days till BTS' comeback in April, here's another piece of good news for you: British band HONNE has announced that they are collaborating with BTS's RM on an upcoming song!

Taking to Twitter, the duo posted a short excerpt of the song lyrics, and ended it off with "HONNE x RM".

The lyrics read:

"Now I don't like a cliché, but I'm reading
from the same book all over again
All different covers, all different colours
They're never the same but they always
make me cry at the end
We thought we gave each other a whole
world but it turns out that we didn't know such
a thing
Guess life's like this, shit happens
And we look for the magic but
Good things always come to an end, an end
ya know


While this is all the information that has been released so far, the official BTS Twitter account has retweeted HONNE's post, further confirming the upcoming collaboration between them.

And you won't have to wait that long either — set to drop later this week on 27 March, according to the British band's Twitter caption, this could possibly be the perfect teaser before the seven-member Korean boy band makes their comeback on 12 April.