Here's What Went Down at Rita Ora's First-Ever Performance in Singapore

The British singer-songwriter was in town last night for Apple's Made by Women series

By Pakkee Tan 19 Mar, 2019 9:39 AMTags
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"I haven't done a show here before, so this is my first introduction and I feel like it's well overdue," British singer Rita Ora exclaimed at last night's over-subscribed Today at Apple session. "I can't wait to come back one day and do a full concert. I don't know why we didn't come here!"

As part of Apple's Made by Women series, fans of the singer were treated to a full hour with Ora at Apple Orchard Road, where she bantered, sang and joked with the crowd of close to 150 attendees. 

Performing four acoustic versions of her hit songs — "Let You Love Me", "Anywhere", "Your Song" and "Only Want You" — to an enraptured audience, the Phoenix singer proved that she's still got it what it takes despite taking six years to release her second album.


"Ideally, if I could have cut my second album out earlier, I would have, but I couldn't. I sort of got close to my fans since Ora, and through it all, everything else I did in television, fashion, movies, social media really was my lifeline and my fan base really connected," she told the audience.

When asked about her upcoming projects, Ora disclosed that she was working another album at the moment, with plans to release it later this year, as well as several projects in film and fashion that she will be involved in.

"I overbook myself but it's so satisfying to be creative in music, in film and in fashion," she said with a laugh.

Stay tuned for her interview with E! News Asia coming soon.

Rita Ora's second album, Phoenix, is now available on Apple Music and Spotify.