The Best Dressed Guests at the E! Asia Launch Party

Here are the stylish standouts from E! Asia’s biggest night!

By Adriel Chiun 14 Mar, 2019 7:46 AMTags

Last Friday night saw an epic congregation of Asia's glitterati — as stars from the east collided at one of the biggest nights for entertainment around the region: The launch of E! Asia!

Feting the inauguration were celebrities from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines — all rubbing noses with influencers that break the Internet — to hear about our exciting line up of video-driven digital content from our Managing Editor Pakkee Tan, and Creative Director and Head of Production Natalie Gee, both dressed in, occasion-appropriate, show-stopping red.

Speaking of dazzling style, our famous guests did not disappoint either. Here are some of the best dressed stand outs from that night!

Ayu Gani, Janeena Chan and Nana Law

Wait, hold up. Is this a Southeast Asian remake of Charlie's Angels? OMG, we totally stan this trio of stylish crime-fighting women! We can already imagine all the hilarity and hijinks the three of them will get up to! Can someone please make this a reality?? Pretty please!

Fiona Fussi

Our favourite Chanel beauty babe is stunning in this 1920s flapper outfit. And with that graphic and severe side swept lob, Fiona looks like she is ready to burn up the dance floor with the Charleston. Prohibition begone!

Liv Lo

OMG. Can we just say how sexy our cover girl looked that night!? Looking like she is dripping in a million Swarovski Element crystals in that sparkling black cocktail number. Wait. Is this a Bond girl party, because we didn't get the memo.

Mond Gutierrez

It takes a lot of guts to pull of a what-seemed-to-be bespoke hand stitched crepe jacket. Cut, just ever so perfectly, the outerwear frames his perfect pecs and don't get us started on those biceps OK!

Iman Fandi

When you're the only daughter of a South African supermodel and a hunky Singaporean football legend, it's really hard to go wrong when it comes to genetics. But choosing to put on that shimmery silver halter mini dress? Now that is all on Iman's own killer sense of style.

Brie Benfell, Ming Bridges, Brandy Dallas

Talk about a British invasion! Proving that Brie and Ming are not only our #fitspo, but they are our literal #stylespo too! Looking so delicious in that silken colour-block dress, Brie was a total vision. And please can we discuss how clever Ming's asymmetrical leg of mutton top worn over cuffed harem pants was?? We need a moment.