6 Fashion Labels That K-Pop Stars Always Wear

The local fashion brands celebrities love

By Debby Kwong 11 Mar, 2019 8:49 AMTags

Maybe it's an ordinary hoodie or an eye-catching t-shirt that you saw on Instagram, music video or drama series — it's hard to find the brands that your favourite Korean celebrities are wearing. But here are six of their go-to local labels that they wear 24/7. Often streetwear, unisex and oversized, these fashion brands are the epitome of Korean culture, so follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Irene Kim Gets Social and Talks BTS | E! Social Studies Club


Launched just last year, supermodel Irene Kim's label IRENEISGOOD has quickly picked up fans among the Korean celebrity set with its quirky, eye-catching, feel-good pieces. In particular, K-pop phenomenon BTS' members, J-Hope and Jimin have fallen for the brand's logo hoodies.


Cool streetwear and '90s nostalgia is the name of the game for Charm's which is popular with both male and female Korean celebrities. From Lee Min-Ho to Bumkey and Suzy, there's a wide range of designs for different styles and personalities. Charm's will be showing their latest fall/winter collection at Seoul Fashion Week on the 24 March, so keep your eyes peeled for the FROW celebrities and effortlessly cool looks on the runway.

Ader Error

Scroll through the four year-old Instagram profile and you wouldn't think it's a South Korean brand with all the Western models and collab with Maison Kitsune. There's even a spring/summer 2019 collaboration with Puma. Unisex and oversized is the name of the game, and they don't rely on celebrity endorsements, but you always see Ader Error on celebrities. You can't access shop on the website without registering, so it's super exclusive and just for people in the know.

Hyein Seo

From Bella Hadid to Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar and Sora Choi, this eponymous brand has garnered international attention since its launch in 2014. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp graduate and has been recognised by the fashion industry for her masculine meets feminine unisex designs that are always inspired by the bad girl. Previous collections have been influenced by Wong Kar Wai's 2046, Street Fighter's Chun-Li and Park Chan-Wook's vengeful ex-convict.

A Piece Of Cake

Kim Hee-Chul, Red Velvet's Wendy and Girl's Generation's Hyohyeon are fans of the vibrant and fun-loving pieces from this streetwear brand.  With the brand philosophy to design for the present, A Piece of Cake is all about creating functional clothes that still embrace a creative way of living life.


Pronounced NO-AHNG, Nohant has a urban preppy vibe with its utilitarian two piece suits, Breton stripes and collegiate logos.  A favourite of Korea's top actors like Park Bo-gum and Yoo Ah-in, the label's designer Noah Nam aims to create a "brunch look" that captures the modern, elegance and simplicity of the French while providing versatile separates that can become the everyday uniform of both men and women.