Brie Larson and the Captain Marvel Cast Take Singapore

E! News Asia host Mond talks to Samuel L. Jackson and the directors behind the upcoming "Captain Marvel" movie

By E! Asia Staff 06 Mar, 2019 8:25 AMTags
Watch: The Stars of Captain Marvel Meet Fans in Singapore | E! News Asia

Easter eggs and surprises galore!

At least that's what we gleaned from E! News Asia host Mond's turn on the red carpet with the cast and crew of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie.

Talking at the Singapore premiere of the movie at Marina Bay Sands, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck told our intrepid host all the details about what to look out for. "You've got to keep your eyes open and definitely don't leave when the credits start rolling. You want to stick around until the end," Fleck teased.

Another key character in the movie, Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson stopped to talk to Mond about the movie too. When asked about big moments to look out for in the show, he joked, "Why should they come see it if I tell them that?"

So there you have it — watch the full video above to catch all the moments from the red carpet.

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Captain Marvel hits theatres on 6 March in the Philippines, Malaysia Indonesia and Taiwan; 7 March in Singapore and South Korea; 8 March in China and Hong Kong; and 15 March in Japan.