Yvette King Shares The Best Products For Stretch Marks

The E! News Asia host tries and tests the best beauty products out there that can treat stretch marks

By Yvette King 27 Feb, 2019 6:45 AMTags
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Ok first of all let me say, you can't really expect your body to be exactly as it was after giving birth. I mean, would you want it to be anyway? You brought life into this world! You've earned those tiger stripes, mumma!

But that said, while it's fantastic to embrace the new lumps and bumps of becoming a mother, I personally don't love the look of stretch marks — it is essentially scarring — so if I can do things to minimise them and their appearance, then I'm going to at least attempt to do it! As a twin mum to be, my belly is a front running candidate for stretchies, so I've been all over the case!

Stretch marks often appear after a rapid growth spurt like puberty, sudden weight gain and yep you guessed it, pregnancy. They can fade over time, but for me, trying my best to prevent is better than trying to cure! Unlike Kim Kardashian who prepared her stretch mark remedy for expectant mum Khloé — a bone broth complete with apple cider vinegar, a little thyme and some chicken feet — I'm not that adventurous! Here are some products I've been using and so far, no stretch marks…

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  1. KORA Organics Noni Glow Body Oil
  2. Clarins Stretch Mark Control
  3. Coconut Oil
  4. Bio Oil