Yvette King Shares Her Daily Skincare Routine

E! News Asia host Yvette King shares her skincare essentials

By Yvette King 26 Feb, 2019 3:10 AMTags
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As much as I'm a makeup junkie, all the foundation and concealer in the world can only do so much. If your skin is in bad shape underneath it all, it will still show. I've learnt this the hard way at times. Hello, we shoot E! In 4K these days!

My mum is Korean and has been drilling me about taking care of my skin since I was a teen. And through that cliche, typical rebellious "I think I know better than you" phase, I didn't listen. Hardly washing my face, not using sunblock and moisturiser who? Sadly, I continued to neglect my skin even by an age I should've known better. Anyway, now I look after my skin religiously! As I wear heavy makeup for camera, a thorough cleanse is always in order. But then, it's all about hydration people!


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As I have super sensitive skin — prone to redness, irritation, occasional breakouts and even hives, I've narrowed down my skincare routine to certain steps and products that work best for me. I do introduce new lines to test them out because I just lurrrvee beauty products, but if I have any reactions, it's sayonara! As a modern woman in a hurry — ahem, extensive routines akin to a beauty salon has me saying "ain't nobody got time for that!" — I like to keep it simple.

Anyway, check it out!