I Watched BLACKPINK Perform Live in Singapore, And It Was Life-Changing

This writer finds out why quality over quantity matters at Korean girl group BLACKPINK's recent concert in Singapore

By Charmaine Tan 26 Feb, 2019 2:52 AMTags

Days after making their US TV-debut, as well as becoming the first K-pop groups to perform at music festival Coachella, the doll-like members of BLACKPINK gave a stunning sold-out show to Singapore fans last week.

Despite having only nine songs up their sleeve, Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo had BLINKS, their fans, yearning for more after an impressive showcase that proved the quartet's undeniable affinity for the stage. Right from the get-go, the girls made it clear that they did not just come to play — powerful crowd-favourites like "DDU-DU DDU-DU", "As If It's Your Last", "Playing With Fire" and "Whistle" caused the entire stadium to pulse, fervent with energy. A live band there also made the experience was exclusive to fans there, a band-rearranged version of "Stay" in particular giving a memorable new flavour to the song.

While the line-up also had a rendition of Wonder Girl's "So Hot", their collab with Dua Lipa on "Kiss and Make Up", and other tracks like "Really" and "Forever Young", what left the greatest impression were each of the member's solo stages.

From Rosé's ballad mastery to Jisoo's powerful vocals, Lisa's effortless dancing swag to Jennie's charismatic rap-deliveries in "SOLO", the girls made it clear that there was still a lot of untapped potential and hidden talent that they have not shared with the world as of yet. And thanks to these solo stages, fans also got to know more about their individual personalities as people and performers, something that wouldn't have been possible without the idol-fan interactions enabled by these concerts.

With only Taiwan left before the girls embark on the North America, Europe and the recently announced Australia leg of the tour, here is a quick run-down of how the four were like during Singapore's concert to convince all of you to catch the four stunners while you can.

BLACKPINK Just Slayed Their First Official Appearances In The US


She may be the oldest member of the team, but she seems to be the youngest at heart. The first of the members to take the stage solo was Jisoo, and she set the bars high with a grand entrance of her sitting atop a shimmering "bauble throne" to sing a cover of Zedd's "Clarity". Her strong voice rang clear as she stood her ground on the raised centre platform, a sight to behold with her luscious black mane and sheer, polka-dotted baby doll dress.

While she might have been more reserved due to the language barrier, she had the whole crowd melting from her adorable eye-smiles, and just her natural "aegyo" moments that at most times did not even seem intentional to begin with. The four-dimensional character often ran off to the sides of the stages to give some sumptuous fan service — we love a generous angel like Jisoo!


As the main dancer of the group, there is no other reason to watch her live performance other than to experience her riveting stage presence in person. There was no doubt that she had every single pair of eyes fixed on her, and you could tell because the entire stadium was silenced the minute the opening hum to MISO's chill-feel tune "Take Me" filled the space.

Even up till her effortless transition into the more upbeat "Swalla" by Jason Derulo, her Barbie-frame was always lithe yet bursting with cool and zest, each pop or hit made all the more powerful by her colourful fringed top. Trust this playful one to keep performances spicy each time, but only when set choreographies are involved — beyond her suave glides and raps, she is a happy pill who never fails to light up the atmosphere with her infectious and cherubic grins.


Jennie is the first member to get a solo release, and very rightly deserved so if you managed to catch her live during the recent concert. From singing, dancing, rapping, and even to just looking downright gorgeous, the 23 year-old made sure everyone left the venue completely in a trance from having their hearts and minds arrested by the innocent-looking vixen that is Jennie.

As one of the native English speakers of the group, she also charmed BLINKS with her choice of words, her repeated requests for BLINKs to put phones down showing her earnest desire to share as many intimate moments as she can with fans. One of the most touching moments of the night came from when she crouched down to soothe a crying fan during their encore stage — everything was captured on camera (thankfully), proving just how precious meeting the girls in person can be.


The main vocalist of the group gave a stellar show of her vocal and multilingual prowess during her solo reign, singing a soulful ballad-mix of The Beatles' "Let It Be", Park Bom's "You and I", and Taeyang's "Only Look At Me".

Clad in an asymmetrical and latte-toned eyelet dress, Rosé was a breath-taking goddess that with her silvery gift of a voice, brought her own colour to the space and songs of her set. Her warm and dulcet notes enveloped the entire stadium with love, her being able to effectively express her gratitude toward BLINKs' love and support made the connection the band had with fans that much stronger.

Tickets for the next stop of the BLACKPINK In Your Area World Tour on 3 March in Taipei, Taiwan, are on sale now.