5 Timeless Style Tips To Learn From These Asian Celebrities

Classic doesn’t mean boring, it just means a consistent look

By Debby Kwong 21 Feb, 2019 2:10 AMTags

If you want to wake up and not waste 20 minutes thinking of what to wear, learn a trick or two from these celebrities. We've discovered a trend of celebrities having their go-to pieces, whether it's a printed blouse, boxy blazer or asymmetrical skirt. Think of it as a uniform and knowing what works best for your body type, lifestyle and aesthetic. Essentially, these fashion items are classic pieces that can mix and match with trendy pieces so you don't have to worry about being off-trend, and you are still able to have a distinctive style.

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Lee Sung-Kyung has achieved that je ne sais quoi with her printed blouses, basic black bottoms and sometimes, a beret!

Jolin Cai always looks great in her menswear-inspired blazers that can be worn with skirts, dresses or shorts.

Deepika Padukone loves the drama with bold colours and playing with contrasting proportions.

Sammi Cheng loves skirts with a unique twist and often wears clothing in the same colour scheme.

Whether it's a traditional batik print or modern florals, Raline Shah loves to wear prints with feminine blooms.