The Best Twin Advice I Got From Celebrity Twins: Elizabeth & Maria Rahajeng

In this week's episode of Motherhood With Yvette, E! News Asia host Yvette King asks our twin hosts Elizabeth & Maria for their best twin advice

By Yvette King 13 Feb, 2019 5:59 AMTags
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Twice the fun and in this case, twice the glamour! There is something in the water at E! Asia. No seriously! We have our Japanese correspondent Tigarah who is a twin, Mond from the Philippines who is identical to his brother Chard and of course our Indonesian beauties Elizabeth and Maria who also share the same birthday! You could say it's twin central at E! I was feeling pretty left out until I found out that I would be expecting twin girls myself!

But before my bébés come into the world and bamboozle me, I sought out some sound advice from Elizabeth and Maria about double trouble life! Healthy competition? You betcha. Ensuring you buy two of everything? Essential! Man, this sounds expensive!

The Best Twin Advice I Got From Celebrity Twins: The Bellas & Joel Madden

Take a look in the video above.