Fuller House  may be ending, but it sounds like it's going to go out with a bang. 

Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin were both on hand at the Hallmark TV Critics Association party to promote their upcoming Hallmark movies, and they also both weighed in to E! News about how the Netflix Full House revival might say goodbye next season. 

"We're definitely gonna have a wedding. I don't know if we'll have one, two, or three weddings, there's gonna be a wedding," Bure told us. 

"Candace and Andrea and I have all talked, and we think a triple wedding might be kind of a fun way to go out, with Jimmy and Steph, and Steve and DJ, and Kimmy and Fernando," Sweetin said. "I think that would be a nice way to tie everything up." 

Bure acknowledged that fans are "not happy" that the show is ending, but she doesn't view it as a cancellation.

"This has been a dream job, and we have all loved it, and we are very happy that we get to have a proper ending to the show, unlike the original show, and this is very typical of what Netflix does with their shows, so we don't feel like it's a shock or oh, we were canceled, no they're just wrapping up our show," she said. 

As Sweetin says, there are "several petitions" online aimed at saving the show, but at least she knows that she's got lifelong friends/family in the rest of the cast. 

"It's definitely bittersweet to be leaving," she told us. "It's my family, but I also know that I'm not gonna lose them, so it's a little bit different than even the first time, when I was like, am I ever going to see these people again? Now I'm like, oh yeah, they're gonna be there, it's fine, it's just gonna be a bummer not working together all the time." 

In fact, Bure's got dreams that go beyond just seeing each other again. She's imagining keeping Fuller House going all the way to Fullest House

"When I turn 60, i'm still going for Fullest House, and Jodie, Andrea, and I are gonna do it Golden Girls style," Bure said. "That's what I'm going for." 

Click play above for more from Bure and Sweetin about their upcoming Hallmark projects and the end of Fuller House!

Fuller House is streaming on Netflix. 

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