Tina Leung Gives Us Best Instagram Advice And Tips To Be A Fashion Queen


By Pakkee Tan 07 Feb, 2019 3:10 AMTags
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When you've sliced your finger open and just gotten medical attention, you'd naturally cancel everything to rest, right? Not fashion queen Tina Leung!

The stylist-turned-influencer showed up to our E! Social Studies Club shoot slightly late, but still in good spirits, ready to take on our interview like the trooper that she is. From spilling her Instagram secrets ("Don't Instagram when you're drunk!"), to how she got her start ("I asked my boyfriend at the time, who was a professional photographer, to shoot me on the street."), to forming the Asian fashion mafia with Bryan Boy, Susie Bubble and more (hint: It has to do with food!), it's safe to say that Leung absolutely applied #nofilter to our interview.

Watch the full video above.