15 Best Moments From The BTS "LOVE YOURSELF" Concert in Singapore

A promise to keep the memory of that night safe somewhere

By Charmaine Tan 28 Jan, 2019 4:00 AMTags

It has been a week since global stars BTS staged a stellar show here for their "Love Yourself" World Tour on Saturday. But some fans, much like myself, are still unable to let go of the fact that we have lived through this surreal experience in person.

While the zeal and thrill has since disappeared from the physical site, remnants of what went down in the 45,000-seater National Stadium on Saturday still continue to pepper the feeds of Instagram and Twitter accounts today. The struggle to remember what truly transpired that magical night is real — after all, their last meeting with Singapore's ARMYs had been for The Red Bullet Tour a whopping four years ago, so there's no telling what and how long it will take to see the seven guys in the Little Red Dot again.

But there is no one to blame for this uncertainty since it is due to their very success that the septet is constantly jetting from one end of the world to the other. BTS always puts so much of themselves into their work that it actually takes effort to not appreciate and love them for that in return - which explains why they are just becoming bigger and bigger as time passes by.

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The 2 hours and 30 minutes last Saturday had fans screaming not just because of how RM, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook worked up a storm with their fervent spitfires, ballads and dance breaks. It was also because of the smaller things, like how the members were on the constant lookout for one another, how some of them got lost in the view of the glittering ARMY Bomb-sea, and how they would try to lock gazes with their fans, even for a millisecond,  to let them know that they are loved by BTS, the world, and hence should be loved by themselves. To sum it up, the whole night was really just a huge festival that inspired empowerment while remaining effortlessly buoyant in its entirety.

The "Love Yourself" world tour was named Best Concert by the 6th Edaily Culture Awards recently, and I'm sure all those who were there can agree that the experience was more than deserving of this title. It was an emotional journey, an overwhelmingly lavish feast for the senses. So overwhelming that I sometimes forget that I've seen what all those concert clips have recorded down in person too. So for the sake of everyone who might also suffer from this forgetful syndrome, or for those who were not there to experience it, here are some of the best moments, big and small, from BTS' concert in Singapore last Saturday.

1. Experiencing euphoria before the concert

Before the concert, fans queueing up outside the National Stadium were treated to a surprise session of Jungkook singing "Euphoria" live. Even though there was going to be an official soundcheck event, hearing one of BTS sing live for the first time caught a lot of ARMYs off-guard, especially since it was of the strikingly calming and melodic voice of the band's main vocalist. Some lucky fans even managed to peep through the metal bars of the gate to see Jungkook rehearsing in his own clothes. Talk about lucky!

2. RM's reminder to say safe in the beginning of the concert

Just after the grand opening with "IDOL", RM cautioned and reminded fans to be mindful of each other so that everyone can have a good time together. These simple words might not seem like much, but this gesture of concern was a great reassurance to many.  Knowing that BTS was looking out for them as much as they were looking out for BTS was especially comforting to those who were waiting long hours in the hot sun before this.

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3. Just Dance: J-hope's natural affinity for the stage

Clad in an all-white suit, J-hope's stage for the groovy "Just Dance" stood out in its simplicity and wit. The song is a duet about dance, with dance, and the way he lets his body succumb to the whirring beats of the track is a direct reflection of that intimate relationship he has with the art form. What made this solo especially memorable was the fact that the back-up dancers were the ones wearing colourful flashy pieces instead of J-hope — drawing focus to the dancers and staying true to the subject of the song was what made all the performers' passion for movement on stage all the more raw and present, captivating to watch.

4. The all-white suits from the medley

All the members came out in various flowy and ethereal ensembles of white to perform the upbeat "I Need U" and "Run". These two songs are especially important to their discography because it marks the beginning of their rise to stardom — the fact that everyone was jumping and singing all the words with such clarity was telling of how important this song is to everyone in the room.

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5. Serendipity: The play of tension and release

As Jimin used to train in modern dance, watching his deftly nimble execution of Serendipity's dance routine being complemented by his uniquely soft and dreamy voice was so satisfying to watch. He was floating about the stage at one point but exerting forceful but controlled power moves at the next; trust a man as meticulous as him to give you the best of both worlds in one sitting, and with a cherubic smile at that.   

6. RM inviting the rest of BTS to finish "Trivia: Love" with him

RM inviting BTS up on stage to sing "I live so I love" was one of the most heartwarming scenes to witness because you can really see how the members truly adore and love one another so much. It was especially cute to see V flashing a cheeky grin at a flailing RM from the side of the stage, but then saw Jungkook came up to give a finger-heart to the camera later on and RM was beaming from ear to ear. The song was a conversation about love, rightfully so was what was going on on and off-stage in that space.

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7. Professionalism is in their DNA

As the floor of the stage was wet from the sweat and water that sprayed from the jetstreams, Jimin slipped and fell on his back while dancing the first chorus of "DNA". The members were not only quick to check up on him, but also to react; J-hope had given the team instructions to not do the dance break at the ending of the song while they were still midway through singing it, and the message was efficiently passed down, the whole Plan B pulled off without a single slip-up. Jin even took off his shoes midway through the stage too, since he had already almost slipped once and didn't want it to happen again. This is the level of professionalism that so many concert reviews have praised them with in the past - complete with V and Jungkook even wiping the stage down with their towels after, there is no questioning why these boys are the idols and role models of so many, young and old, today.

8. Singularity: Divinity descended in the form of V

V's every rhythmic decision, gesture, and all-knowing smirks were so sublime in carrying forth the almost lustful energy of "Singularity". Thanks to the ingenious duet with the clothes hanger and the dramatic way V's floral coat glorified his long, graceful limbs, this dark and jazzy number was without a doubt, one of the most impactful stages of the night.  

9. Epiphany: Beauty, strength, elegance and grace

Jin's performance of "Epiphany" was one of the other solo stages that stood out because it was a no-frills, dancer-less, but nonetheless majestic showcase of his voice. There was something delicate yet trying about the careful way he sang about self acceptance in this ballad, particularly the line "I'm the one I should love in this world" — laden with weight yet reassuring with its stability, this softer side of the band's sound was a refreshing change in the line-up that soothed with a tender sentimentality.

10. Jin and V being playful during "So What"

Jin and V seemed to have formed a habit of pulling at each other while singing "So What", a pumping EDM-type tune that is a staple encore song for this particular tour. That night, they had a stare-down with heels tapping increasingly enthusiastically to the beat, before going overboard to tackle each other with affectionate kicks to the butt and some dramatic arm-wrestling. These endearing displays of affection are what make going for BTS concerts even more worth it.

11. Jimin sings the intro of Anpanman

Over the course of the tour, Jungkook and V have been switching up in playful ways how they start the fun "Anpanman". This time in Singapore, V got Jimin to sing "waiting for you Anpanman" instead, with the microphones of V, Jin and J-hope framing his face. Adorable? Yes, very much so!

12. Jimin singing "Promise"

One of the most memorable fan services that came out of that night was when fans got Jimin to sing a few lines of his first self-composed ballad, "Promise". Fans started to collectively chant yaksok, the Korean word for "promise", when he was closing in on his speech, which then urged him to sing the song in his signature breathy and pretty voice. It was the first time he had ever sung this much of the song live, so ARMYs here were proud that they were the ones who first got the sweet Jimin to agree to do this. RM also had the whole stadium giving each other a pinky promise, while Suga scowled with cutely at the whole scene — kings of fan service indeed!

13. Worldwide Handsome ends his speech with flair

After giving a very loud, shouty and drawn out speech while wearing a pair of cringey, racer sunglasses, Jin finished it off with a contrastingly straightforward "Ok. Finish", much to the fans and member's amusement.

14. Jungkook picking up a fan's phone

Jungkook had proceeded to jump off the extended stage during the "Answer: Love Yourself" to get closer to fans, but he had also managed to, in that short trip, impress and have girls everywhere swooning over his sweet gesture of picking up a girls fallen phone. The best part that it was all caught on camera! The lucky girl later expressed on Twitter that she cried, but how else could you react to something like that!

15. Suga correcting the translator

As he was summing up the night, Suga made ARMYs laugh when he pointed out that that night was "not a good night; a great night". The translator may or may not have done his job properly, but the point is that Suga is definitely more fluent in the language than he shows himself to be, and that night was definitely more than average night that many would never want to forget.