Chris Pine, Jimmy Kimmel Live!


All right stop, collaborate and listen...Chris Pine's rapping.

The 38-year-old Wonder Woman and Star Trek actor rocked a mic, or rather a pen, like a vandal and rapped Vanilla Ice's 1990 one hit wonder "Ice, Ice Baby," a favorite track from his childhood, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday after chatting about the music he grew up with and the first concerts he watched (Faith No MoreMetallicaGuns N' Roses and Motörhead) and a band he used to be in with his middle school teachers. Pine said "Ice Ice Baby" was the first song he remembers memorizing.

"It's not a bad song," Pine said.

"Eleven years old," he added.

"That was a mistake, you shouldn't have done that," Jimmy Kimmel joked. "That's it, you're out of the next Wonder Woman movie."

He added, "But you know what, Vanilla's gonna be so happy tonight," Jimmy Kimmel told him. "Shout-out, word to your mother."


Wonder Woman 1984 is set for release in 2020.

Pine can be seen next in the upcoming TNT miniseries I Am the Night, which premieres on Monday.

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