The Best Apps You Need To Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

It’s never too late to start living better

By E! Asia Staff 25 Jan, 2019 6:54 AMTags

They say all you need is a little motivation to get on the road to fitness, but what if you have no clue what or how to do it? Thanks to the invention of modern technology (and the smartphone) help is rarely more than a click away. Whether you want to train for a marathon, become more limber by practicing yoga, or simply just want to get your heart pumping, fitness apps are your best choices if you don't have the cash to splash on a fancy personal trainer. Read on to find out which apps are best suited for your lifestyle and hit download!

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Best For Healthy Lifestyle Companion: MyFitnessPal

If you're determined to give your lifestyle a complete overhaul, then this will be your best partner through it all. More than just a workout app, Under Armour-linked MyFitnessPal also offers advice on nutrition and healthy weight loss, helps you track your daily calorie intake and output, provides real life success stories to inspire and motivate, as well as workout videos of different intensities that you can follow.

Best For Live Workout Motivation: Gixo

Designed to make personal training sessions more accessible to everyone, this app offers live workout classes that are taught by professional coaches which you can access wherever you are. Available at various fitness levels to suit anyone and everyone, you get real time advice and motivation by a professional coach without even making it to the gym for a workout — making this perfect for time-strapped individual who want to work out anywhere, anytime.

Best For Yoga Fans: Asana Rebel

A great way to incorporate yoga philosophy into your everyday fitness and wellbeing, Asana Rebel offers five workout themes: Fatburn, Strength, Flexibility, Balance & Focus as well as Breathe & Relax. So whether you're a yoga newbie or have been practicing for a long time, this app enables you to try out different types of yoga-inspired workouts to reach your fitness and yoga goals, no matter what they are.

Best For Mixing It Up: Nike Training Club

With nearly 200 free workouts to choose from, this is probably one of the most well-rounded fitness apps. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a fitness buff; have 15 minutes or two hours daily; looking to work on your abs or glutes, there's definitely something for everyone with Nike Training Club. You can also track your workouts, get daily workout recommendations that are tailored for you and get motivated by your favourite athletes including Serena Williams and Cristiano Ronaldo. Best part? It can be used on your Apple Watch to track your heart rate and calories expended easily.

Best For Cycling/Running: Strava

Whether you're training for a marathon or just enjoy running to keep fit or clear your head, Strava works on your smartphone or GPS watch to track your routes so you can analyse your workouts. From distance, pace, speed, elevation gained and calories burned, you'll have access to all the stats you need and to set goals and perform better. You can even connect with like-minded cycling/running enthusiasts, try out new routes and get live feedback on how to train safer.

Best For Meditation: Headspace

On the mental side of things, this is an app that requires minimal effort yet reaps maximum benefits. Whether you're just looking to pick up mindfulness techniques or get serious with meditation, Headspace trains your mind to handle stress and anxiety better so you are able to achieve peace of mind and sleep better. Perfect for busy urbanites who constantly feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to fully relax, there are guided meditations that help you reset yourself in times of panic as well as to wind down for the day. It even doubles up as a sound machine as it includes sleep sounds to help create an ideal condition for restful slumber.