5 Ways To Help Yourself Manage Stress Better

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

By E! Asia Staff 25 Jan, 2019 7:38 AMTags

Let's face it, stress is prevalent in modern life, no thanks in part to longer working hours and the rise of social media too. But here's the secret to managing your stress levels: It starts with you. From facing up to the sources of stress in your daily life, to seeking support for your mental well-being, you need to kickstart your own journey to a life with less stress. Try these five simple tips from the experts in your daily life and deal with stress — the healthy way. 

1. Accept Stress

You might already know that in life, you can't control everything. However, what you can control is how you react or respond to them. The same goes for stress. While you can't stop stress-inducing events from happening to you (be it about a looming deadline or your home renovation falling behind schedule), you can absolutely decide how you react to it. To fully get past stress and not let it hold you back, it is important to accept that stress is an inevitable part of your life. Instead of dwelling over it, make the decision to do what you can in order to move past it.

2. Prioritise Your Wellbeing

In order to effectively manage your stress, it is important to ensure that you stay healthy and fit. This means taking good care of yourself in terms of getting enough rest, maintaining a balanced diet, as well as getting some exercise to remain healthy and happy.

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3. Make Wise Choices
And while it may seem obvious to prioritise your health and wellbeing during times of stress, some people end up taking the easy way out by turning to sources of instant and temporary gratification like binge drinking alcohol or junk food. Instead, seek out other sources of stress relief, like picking up a new hobby, taking a relaxing bath, going for a walk or meditation to clear your mind.

4. Seek Support

The next time you're feeling stressed out, reach out to a friend, a family member or even a colleague you can trust. Alternatively, you can also make an appointment with a therapist or psychiatrist if you feel that you need professional help. It is extremely important to have a reliable support system which you can turn to during times of need because keeping it all inside can affect your mental wellbeing in the long run.

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5. Think Positive

Before you surrender to negative thoughts like "I can't do it" or "It'll never be completed in time", try shifting your perspective. Instead of "I can't do it", tell yourself "I'll try my best and see what happens". Though the change of tone might seem insignificant and minute, thinking positive and providing yourself with reaffirmations can help build up your confidence and make you feel good. For this to be effective, you have to do it repeatedly, starting with psyching yourself up the first thing in the morning when you're washing your face, and then doing it again whenever you touch up your makeup, or even leave little notes of positivity around the house or at your office desk. Gradually, you begin to turn stress into a "can do" attitude, which in turn helps reduce stress.