10 Inspiring Fit Asian Girls To Follow On Instagram

All the #fitspo you need on your feed to keep you motivated to get stronger in 2019

By E! Asia Staff 24 Jan, 2019 3:28 AMTags

An over-quoted (but no less true) adage of fitness is that it is not a sprint, but a marathon, and these extra-inspiring fitness girls know it! From yoga enthusiasts to strong women, we've rounded up the best #fitspo role models to follow on Instagram who will inspire you on your own road fitness.

Praya Lundberg

Follow her:  @prayalundberg

Why: Yes, she's a superstar, but Lundberg is not shy about showing the hard work that it takes to get red carpet-ready on her Instagram — and shares her fitness tips along the way too.

Alita Pear

Follow her:  @alita_pear

Why: The founder of Mera Swinwear and PearSpire, her new fitness venture, is a strong woman in every sense of the word. Get inspired by her training schedules and beach-ready body.

Nana Al Haleq

Follow her:  @nanaalhaleq

Why: "Fitness helped me discover my true self, unlock my true potential, and regain my self confidence," the TV host, fitness model and coach once told Harper's BAZAAR Malaysia, and we're sure her Instagram account will help you discover your fitness journey too.


Follow her:  @nanabwincess

Why: Working out doesn't have to involve sweat and tears — just look at Nana's feed and you'll find a mix of fun partner workouts and exercises that you can practically anywhere.

Sara Wee

Follow her:  @saraweeruyu

Why: The front woman of Singaporean band 53A is a huge yoga enthusiast and captures her love of the practice even when she's travelling. Get ready to be inspired by her gorgeous yoga photos in exotic locales.

Sandra Riley Tang

Follow her:  @sandrarileytang

Why: She may form one quarter of Singaporean band The Sam Willows, but Tang is also budding entrepreneur who co-founded The Yoga Co in Singapore and documents her daily fitness routine on her Instagram. Clock her cute workouts with her boyfriend too!

Maria Vania

Follow her:  @maria_vaniaa

Why: One of Indonesia's top fitness influencers, Vania takes her followers inside her workouts with disarming charm and turns even the most challenging exercises into a breeze.

Solenn Heusaff

Follow her:  @solenn

Why: If you've watched E!'s !t Girls, you'd know that Heusaff means business when it comes to health and fitness. The gorgeous multi-hyphenate is not shy when it comes to showing off the hard work she puts in the gym, and you'll be blown away by her intense dedication too.

Gretchen Ho

Follow her:  @gretchenho

Why: Ho got her start as a volleyball player and her good looks quickly turned her into a TV host. Despite her hectic schedule, she still manages to take time to run, climb, dive and race — just to name a few of the sports she captures on her Instagram.

Bani J

Follow her:  @banij

Why: The Indian fitness model and actress makes strength one of her core fitness goals and you'll find her lifting and training programme nothing but motivating to hit the gym after work.