Editor's Letter: Your Guide To Winning 2019

From fitness hacks to get that start on health and tips to balance your mind, we've got you covered for the rest of 2019

By Pakkee Tan 22 Jan, 2019 9:56 AMTags

We're well into 2019 (is it the third week of January already?) and by now, the enormity of our new year resolutions should have sunk in and the desire to make a change should have taken over right?


In a perfect world, we'd all be well on our way towards our goals but sometimes, we just need to get that little push. Here at E! Asia, we've noticed that our favourite celebrities are all taking time to focus on, not just their physical health, but their mental well-being, too. Enter: The very first of our themed weeks for 2019. Dedicated to both physical and mental health, Winning 2019 is your guide to start your year on the right foot. 

Looking at Celebrity Fitspo and Baby Bumps | E! Mond Days

And who's started 2019 better than our first cover girl of the year, Liv Lo? Between launching FitSphere, her online and in-person fitness coaching programme, and personal projects with hosting and acting, Lo's the poster girl of being an all-rounded female for the modern age. Bouncing up to our shoot in the morning, she was a bundle of positive energy and smiles — ready to try anything that we asked her to do (this included jumping on the spot, barefoot, about 20 times!).

"I've waited my whole life to do a shoot like this!" she gushed to writer Adriel Chiun, who asked her all the tough questions for her profile. Look out for the fabulous shoot and super fun videos we shot with her on Thursday, 24 January 2019.

Photographed by Vanessa Caitlin

Another thing I've noticed is that social media is so intrinsically tied into our lives that we often come to see it as our lives. That is hardly the case, as our newest contributor Tiffany Soithongsuk — strong woman, amazing athlete and just plain inspiring woman — argues in her debut column for us (out this Tuesday, 22 January 2019). In it, she shares her golden rules and tips to lead a healthier life on both social media and IRL.

Tiffany's Thoughts: Staying Social Media Strong in 2019

Throughout the week, you can also expect our regular features from your favourite E! Asia hosts: Mond is kicking off an exciting new video series, Famously Fit, where he will share just how to train like a celebrity; Yvette King shares how to stay fit when you're pregnant; our jetsetting twins Elizabeth and Maria Rahajeng tell us how they exercise on the go; and we've even got an E!xtra special episode with Shanice Hedger, where she tries out a fabulous K-pop dance fitness regime (sounds fab already, if I do say so myself!).

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It's going to be an amazing year ahead (for Libras at least — that's what the Astrotwins tell me) so stay tuned as we plunge headfirst into new waters, right along with all of you.