5 Minutes With... Seamstress To The Stars, Jessicacindy Hartono

Fashion designer Jessicacindy tells us about her icons, her signature design style and the challenges of dressing pregnant celebrities

By Yvette King 16 Jan, 2019 1:30 AMTags

She's a seamstress to the stars!

Remember that striking blue number Henry Golding's gorgeous wife Liv Lo wore to the Singapore premiere of Crazy Rich Asians? Yep, that was a Jessicacindy creation.

Creative designer Jessicacindy Hartono's pieces are also favourites of local Asian influencers — just jump onto Willabelle Ong's whimsical feed and you'll see many a Jessicacindy gown dotted throughout. Nellie Lim wore not one, but three custom gowns for her spectacular Bali wedding this year.

So who better to trust to make a bespoke dress for me to host E! Live From the Red Carpet for the inaugural Asian Academy Creative Awards than Jess?

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Was there a designer that inspired you to follow this career path?

There were so many that inspired me, but if I had to identify a pivotal one, it would definitely have to be Vera Wang. She's iconic.

If you could spend a day with Vera in her showroom, what would you ask her?

I would actually very much prefer to simply just observe rather than ask anything, perhaps shadow her for the day. That would be amazing.

I could only imagine! How long have you been designing?

I have been designing since I was seven. My first "clients" were my dolls.

That is so adorable! The gown you made for me was beautiful and really made me feel like a million dollars. Is that your aim? To make women feel gorgeous?

My aim for every one of my creations is to make sure that it comfortably enhances my client's personality and beauty. With that, the wearer will naturally feel gorgeous and confident.

How long did it take to make my dress?

From designing to production, it took approximately a month to craft your dress.

Was it stressful to accommodate a growing pregnant bump or did you see it as a fun challenge?

It is always a fun challenge with every client, pregnant or not. It wasn't stressful at all as I knew what to expect and then to take the appropriate course of action, having previously crafted a creation for Joanne Peh while she was heavily pregnant.

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Your gowns are usually very feminine, soft and you're never too shy to use a sparkle or two. Where did this signature style come from?

I would say that my signature style is an amalgamation from my love for nature, especially flowers, and the fairytales of princesses that I was exposed to, during my childhood years. There is just this wondrously magical quality in both subjects that I am constantly intrigued by and it always inspires me to imbue aspects of it into my work.

Who would you love to dress? Any celebs you would love to see in a JC dress one day?

I would love to be able to dress Natalie Portman, she's one of my style icons and it would be a dream to be able to have her don my creations.