TXT Is The New K-Pop Boyband You Need To Keep Your Eye On

With the same parent company as BTS, Tomorrow X Together (aka TXT) is set to dominate K-pop in 2019

By Pakkee Tan 14 Jan, 2019 3:49 AMTags

K-pop fans, here's a new boy band for you to swoon over: Tomorrow X Together (TXT) is officially making their debut!

Big Hit Entertainment, who also manages megastar boy band BTS, recently unveiled their newest additions to the company to much fanfare. While only two members have been revealed so far, the group will reportedly comprise of five members with an average age of 17. TXT is also making waves because it marks Big Hit Entertainment's first boy band since BTS made their own debut in 2013.

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After a cryptic teaser on Twitter, the first member of TXT was revealed on 11 January: Yeonjun.

Here's what we know about him: He is 19 years of age and is the oldest member of the group. His introduction video on YouTube has also racked up over 11 million views to date — a very positive start, if you ask us. As for what you can expect from him? It's been reported that Yeonjun is a great dancer.

Big Hit Entertainment
Big Hit Entertainment

Two days following Yeonjun's reveal, Big Hit introduced the second member of TXT on 13 January. Soobin was introduced in a similar manner, with his own YouTube video and photos released on the band's Facebook page. Further information about him has yet to released by Big Hit Entertainment.

Big Hit Entertainment
Big Hit Entertainment

Keep up with TXT on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube, and stay tuned with us as the other members are revealed!