6 Male Celebs Who Make A Strong Case For Wearing Spectacles

As they say, the geeks get the girls

By Debby Kwong 10 Jan, 2019 7:34 AMTags

No longer are men with glasses seen as socially awkward nerds, we think they're hot! You can't deny the importance of eye contact, and spectacles are now seen as a fashion accessory, no prescription needed.  The right spectacles will frame the face and make a bold statement whether he's wearing a suit or t-shirt and jeans. These 6 celebrities prove that there's definitely more than meets the eye with their stylish choices of spectacles.

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Even with just a simple trench and black frames, Daniel Henney can do no wrong.

Wire frame spectacles are cool when Kris Wu pairs it with a quirky tiger tie and smart suit.

Jackson Wang goes for preppy vibes with his wide collared polo shirt and vintage-style spectacles.

The black rimmed spectacles adds a charming element to Hu Bing's all black ensemble.

When wearing a cap isn't incognito enough, add a pair of spectacles like Dylan Wang.

Only Mike Angelo can pull off diamond-shaped frameless spectacles.