Irene Kim Tells Us All About Her Viral BTS Moment, Social Media Origins & More

The fashion star talks about starting her own label, her social media origins and her viral BTS moment

By Pakkee Tan 02 Jan, 2019 7:58 AMTags
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For being one of the bubbliest, brightest and most positive voices on social media, fashion star Irene Kim (@ireneisgood) caught our eye from the moment she burst onto the scene with her fabulous rainbow-hued hair. Now she counts over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and is a force to be reckoned with — a responsibility she takes seriously to spread positivity to the world.

Not one to rest idle, she launched her label IRENEISGOOD last year, and it is everything you would expect from this self-described unicorn: Fun, witty and definitely eye-catching.

Of her decision to launch her label, she tells us, "I wanted to start a brand that was inclusive; that had positive energy; and that kind of gave my fans and girls that are passionate about fashion to have a little piece of something fun and playful!"

This super-fun ethos is, of course, what got J-Hope, of Korean boy band BTS fame, to don Kim's hoodie and beanie from the label, made exclusively for him.

"I went to the BTS concert in Korea, and I really, really enjoyed it. As a thank you gift, I sent J-Hope some of my goodies," she recalls. "[And two days later], my phone was ging off the hook — J-Hope was wearing the hoodie and the beanie and it looked so good!"

"Yeah, it's sold out. It's sold out like, that [snaps fingers]" she laughs. "It looks good on him!"

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But between her label, jetting across the world for fashion shows, and hosting TV shows, Kim is definitely still keeping it real for her fans and followers.

"I think social media is is a place to feel a sense of community, safety, and comfort and love," she says. " A place to be yourself, and not be afraid to be yourself."

We'll double-tap to that, Irene.

Watch our exclusive interview with her in the video above, and take a peek inside her gorgeous studio below.