Catching Up With It Girl, Georgina Wilson

It’s been a hot minute since we last saw her. So let’s get reacquainted with the supermodel mum!

By Adriel Chiun 02 Jan, 2019 3:39 AMTags

With her exotic cat-like eyes and cheekbones that you can cut glass with, it is no surprise that Georgina Wilson quickly found herself on E! Asia's hit reality TV series !t Girls, and becoming the second HBIC of the third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model — and properly stole our hearts.

From the seasoned way Wilson introduced the challenges to contestants, to the loving way the she spoke to them during eliminations, we were instantly enamoured with the Filipino-British's personality. And so loved is Wilson that she was asked to return as a guest judge in a later cycle.

Having starting modelling since she was a teen, and subsequently becoming a successful video jockey in her native Philippines, Wilson is no stranger to the glare of the spotlight and fashion — making her the best option to host the Asian franchise of the famed American reality modelling competition.

But what a difference a day makes, much less four years! Here, we find out delicious titbits like how beauty is in her blood and what else the radiant biracial beauty is up to now since her continental debut on television!

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OMG! OK, when we said that beauty runs in Georgina Wilson's blood, we weren't kidding you guys. Get this: Born to a British father and Filipina mother in in Kansas, Wilson's life really is as wonderful as the legendary American movie musical: The Wizard of Oz — getting swept away from her place of birth to romantic Yorkshire, England, when she was just an infant, and then again to the Philippines with her family when she turned ten.

But we digress. Wilson landed her first big paying beauty commercial immediately after she graduated high school. And to add to her allure, also from her gene pool, the gorgeous Filipina's aunt is the former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz (her mother's sister), and cousins with her aunt's daughter: Famed Filipino actress, model and host, Isabelle Daza.

Oh, and before we forget, also a prominent model in the Wilson family is Georgina's younger sister, Jessica. Talk about family of supermodels! Are the Wilsons looking to adopt???

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Since her appearance on Asia's Next Top Model, Georgina Wilson has married the dreamy heartthrob that is blueblood luxury hotelier Arthur Burnand in the most grandest of fashions. Hailing from an impressive aristocratic family, Burnand asked for Wilson's hand in marriage and the couple wed in a castle — very fitting of their station, might we add — in Winchester, England, in the spring of 2016.

So what did the bride wear, you ask? Well, none other than Monique Lhullier, baby! Only the best for G, who looked so ravishing it, Vogue Australia named it one of the "Best Wedding Dresses" of all time. We definitely agree.

And since their fairy tale wedding, the Burnands welcomed the birth of their son, Archie in December of the same year. And from the pictures, little Burnand is the most adorable dumpling, and already has the makings of a future heartbreaker!


There are BFFs and then there is Georgina Wilson's drop dead gorgeous posse of powerful Filipina foxes! Filled with laughter and jaw-dropping glamour beyond comprehension, ardent fans and audiences were introduced to Wilson's central nervous system of celebrity girlfriends (comprising of: Solenn Heussaff, Isabelle Daza and Liz Uy) in the hit E! show !t Girls two years ago.

And late last year, Wilson and Heussaff, the other breakout star of the reality show, returned to our small screens with !t Girls: Besties — giving a deeper peek into the lives and dynamics of the two beautiful bosom buddies. The show also saw how the duo navigated their friendships and life in showbiz and even shone the spotlight on the comedic sides off their ruggedly handsome husbands. Oh, and adorable cameos of Wilson's new baby, Archie! Argh! Cuteness overload!