The Hottest 2019 Hair Colour Trends That Flatter Asian Skin Tones

Itโ€™s time to call your stylist...

By E! Asia Staff 31 Dec, 2018 1:24 AMTags

Thinking of ringing in 2019 with a fresh new look? Change up yourย hair colour with the hottest hair colours that will be sweeping the new year by storm. It's time to call your stylist...

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Pink Champagne

With dark pink roots and champagne blonde tips, this pink champagne ombre look is surprisingly low-maintenance when it comes to pastel hair looks. Moreover, the gradient of the colours will give the appearance of depth and dimension so you hair looks fuller and move vibrant. Best for those with light to medium skin tones, this colour palette counters sallowness to enhance skin radiance.

Lavender Tips

Want to experiment with pastel colours but want to keep it looking subtle? Try lavender tips. Painted on to the hair from the mid-lengths onwards, it creates a light-reflecting halo around the face to light up your complexion. Plus it works for any base colour, from rich chocolate hues to bleached blondes.

Chestnut Brown

While hair trends and hair colouring techniques keep getting more creative in recent years, there's also a noticeable shift towards a more natural look. Which explains why we are seeing a resurgence of rich brown hues like this earthy chestnut shade. If you prefer a graduated look, ask your stylist for golden tips that will add warmth and help brighten your complexion.

Lilac Bronde

You might have heard of "bronde", which made waves in 2018 as the perfect combination of brown and blonde. In 2019, go one step further and add lilac roots to the mix. With such a beautiful melange of shades, it adds depth and enhances the movement of your hair. And if you're not a fan of regular root touch-ups, you can ask your stylist to customise your look so the lilac is deeper at the roots so the effect is still soft and gradual even as your hair grows out.

Ruby Red

Many women may stay away from reddish hues as they are worried about their hair turning coppery. Yet, red hair can flatter Asian skin tones, especially when paired with brown tones. With deep brown hues at the roots and tips, red serves as a highlight shade, to add dimension to your hair.