The Good Place Season 2 Finale Did The Last Thing We Expected (and It Was Perfect)

Fork, The Good Place got us with another twist in its second season finale on February 1
By Lauren Piester Feb 02, 2018 2:28 AM

Well fork, they did it again.

The second season finale of The Good Place did something that now, in retrospect, feels so obvious, but we still never could have predicted it. Instead of deciding if Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason deserved to head to the actual Good Place or sent to the regular Bad Place, Judge Jen and Michael decided to start them over completely, back on earth, as living people. 

Or at least we assume Tahani and Jason are also alive, because so far, we've only seen Eleanor and Chidi. Eleanor got pushed out of the way of those deadly shopping carts and went right back to her life, only to realize how horrible she had always been. For six months, she worked hard at being a better person.

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She became one of those people who stands outside of grocery stores and asks people if they want to save the environment, and she told her friend the truth about the Dress Bitch situation. But of course, none of that worked out well. Saving the environment didn't pay very much and she got kicked out of her apartment, so she gave up. 

Michael, who was watching everyone's progress along with Janet, decided it was time to pop in and help, so a year into Eleanor's re-life, he appeared as a very familiar-looking bartender and planted a little idea in Eleanor's mind. That led her to watching a little lecture series called "What We Owe to Each Other" by one Chidi Anagonye, which then led her to flying to Australia to find Chidi in his office at St. Johns University. 

"Hi, my name is Eleanor Shelstrop. Can we talk?" 


Immediately, we have so many questions (mostly about Tahani and Jason) and zero patience to wait multiple months for answers.

Can we take this time to demand that Chidi, Tahani, and Jason each get their own episode to tell us what they were up to for a year? Because we desperately need to know. How many celebrities did Tahani hang out with? Was Jason alive to watch that recent Jaguars game everyone was tweeting about a few weeks ago? How many decisions did Chidi not make? 

Come back to us soon, show. We need you. 


The Good Place will return to NBC. 

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