American Horror Story: Roanoke: Evan Peters Is Finally Here and Everything Has Changed

His role has a major connection to a former season...
By Lauren Piester Oct 13, 2016 3:09 AM
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Finally, the face we've been waiting for! 

We're not talking about real life historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, who appeared in tonight's American Horror Story to tell us the story of Edward Mott, the builder of the house on Roanoke Island, but we are talking about the guy playing Edward Mott: Evan Peters

Peters finally showed his face in tonight's episode as Mott, the house's original owner, who ran off, away from his wife and kids, to be with his servants and his boyfriend. 

It was Evan in all his glory, complete with a ridiculous accent, a pretty hot bathtub scene, and multiple amazing temper tantrums over the state of his beloved paintings. He even abandoned his boyfriend over one of his paintings being ruined, which would have been super sad if Mott then weren't immediately burned on a spit over the fire (like a pig??) by the colonists. 

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According to Goodwin, the house stayed in the family "until the last Mott died in Florida in 1952." AKA, Dandy (Finn Wittrock), from Freak Show. Everything has come full circle! 

Mott, who's now definitely dead, later showed up in front of Shelby, Matt, and Flora to help them escape both the angry mob of colonists outside and the dead former residents inside. He said he'd keep them alive, and led them through a creepy crawly tunnel underground before leaving them alone in the woods. 

Luckily, the redneck guys from the first episode found them, put bags on their heads, and took them to the house where they first found those feral boys. In that house, they found Elias, who was still alive but in very bad shape. 

He was bloody and missing limbs, mumbling, "Mama took my leg" and begging for death. 

"Mama" turned out to be Frances Conroy, who was clearly in charge of this small band of men. 

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Apparently, the Polks (for that is their name, you see) guarded the island and helped make sure the Butcher and the colonists got their human sacrifice every year. They had intended to buy the house in order to keep it empty, so that all this crap wouldn't be happening. 

After Mama instructed her boys to smash Elias' head in to end his suffering, the Polks put Shelby, Matt, and Flora in a truck on the way back to the house, and Shelby and Matt stupidly tried to be heroes and escape. This went badly, and Shelby ended up nearly getting her ankle chopped off. 

Matt, Shelby, and Flora were dumped back at the house, right in front of the Butcher, and apparently it was Flora's turn to be a human sacrifice first...until Wes Bentley stepped up. 

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He hit his mom on the head and threw her into the fire, saying he didn't want to spill any more innocent blood, and then Lee finally returned from the police station with a car. Edward got Matt and Shelby untied, Lee hit Flora's attacker, the piggy man, with her car, and then they all got in that car and drove away.

They went to the hospital, found the cheapest motel they could, got some food, took some showers, and then had bad dreams for the rest of their lives, but otherwise lived OK. 

So...that's the end of Matt and Shelby's story? It kind of seems that way, and we do know that next week's episode changes everything, but this seems sort of sudden. 

What could the rest of the season possibly hold? Sound off in the comments with your theories! 

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.