You're Doing It Wrong: 9 Politicians Who Forgot How to Food

Eating KFC with a fork is a crime
By Dominique Haikel Aug 02, 2016 9:36 PM

Eating KFC with a knife and fork is the equivalent of squirting 17 packets of Hellmann's mayo into a can of Coke, pouring that onto a Caesar salad and eating that with the hands you just used to pick your iPhone out of a gas station urinal. In other words, one must be visited by the spirit of Dumbledore to be absolved of said food crime. JK, it's not that deep but STILL. 

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Donald Trump really did post this photo of himself eating a bucket of KFC, on a private jet, silverware and all. If people were still using the term 'YOLO' we would insert it right here. 

Honestly, part of us is feeling the #swaggoals factor here, but the rest of our heart and soul just can't take it. We all know KFC's motto is "Finger lickin' good," not "I'm going to eat this with $9 million Hermès cutlery, good." We have to be fair though; he's not the only politician to commit a food faux-pas. Not at all. That being said, we rounded up an engaging list of all the political figures who forgot how to food. Enjoy. 

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President Barack Obama really enjoys his ice cream. We understand not wanting to make a mess (being that you're the president and all), but eating out of a cone with a spoon totally defeats the purpose of a cone! Also is that a paper cone over his waffle cone? Redundant, but whatever works.

The View

Raven-Symoné's face is all of us as Bernie Sanders picks up his personalized ice cream with his fingers. If it tastes that good, we can't really blame him for digging in. We've all been there.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

State fair foods are always hardcore. This aggressive pork chop on a stick from the Iowa State Fair is no exception. The expression on Hillary Clinton's faces signals she knows she's about to embark on the most awkward culinary journey of her life.

TIM CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Clinton sipping Mcdonald's with Al Gore is one of the greatest pics on this planet. The shorts. The dad hats. The everything. Sure the clothing is probably the most uncomfortable thing about this photo, but we have to wonder, why the eff did they get McDonald's when they look like they just got done with a workout of a lifetime?

TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

George W. Bush was unfortunately photographed eating what looks to be raw corn. Like, a totally uncooked cob of teeth-breaking hell. Honestly, same. If you're hungry, you're hungry, right?

John Roca/NY Daily News via Getty Images

Let's take a moment of silence for this perfectly innocent slice of pizza. Sarah Palin using a fork to eat food that is literally crafted to fit in your hand embodies this article as a whole. Fun fact (and we swear we're not making this up): Donald Trump is actually sitting next to Sarah in the original picture, utensils in hand. Maybe he's just really concerned about germs?

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