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Thought the WWE was dramatic? Well you haven’t seen these Divas outside of the ring. Go behind the scenes with WWE's hottest female wrestlers as they try and balance their fast-paced careers, relationships and more!

Hate Is a Strong Word

Season 8 Episode 808
(Aired 11-7-2018) tv-14


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    "Total Divas" Recap: 808

    Season 8 Episode 808 (11-6-2018)

    Paige and Lana's old feud reignites in Lake Tahoe. Plus, Trinity misses her family and struggles with homesickness. Watch now!

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    "Total Divas" Recap: 806

    Season 8 Episode 806 (10-19-2018)

    Nikki Bella is hounded by the paparazzi in Miami, Nia Jax copes with homesickness and the WWE ladies try their hand at a dance battle. Watch!

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    "Total Divas" Recap: 805

    Season 8 Episode 805 (10-16-2018)

    Nia Jax tricks the girls into helping her move, Paige turns to Brie and Nikki for advice and Lana tries to reinvent her look to get back on TV. Watch!

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    "Total Divas" Recap: 807

    Season 8 Episode 807 (10-13-2018)

    Paige tries a few new jobs, Nikki and Rusev throw a surprise 1st birthday party for Birdie and Lana prepares for her first ladder match. Watch!

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    "Total Divas" Recap: 804

    Season 8 Episode 804 (10-7-2018)

    Lana ruins Nattie Neidhart's BBQ, Paige puts Nia Jax's brother through an awful date, and Brie Bella reveals her breastfeeding struggles. Watch!

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    "Total Divas" Recap: 803

    Season 8 Episode 803 (9-30-2018)

    Lana's attempt to get back on TV gets in her trouble at WWE while Nattie teams up with Ronda Rousey for an epic match. Plus, Trinity tries to cut out junk food.

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    "Total Divas" Recap: 802

    Season 8 Episode 802 (9-22-2018)

    Nia Jax wins big at WrestleMania, and Paige makes a heartbreaking announcement about her wrestling career. Watch!

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    "Total Divas" Recap: 801

    Season 8 Episode 801 (9-15-2018)

    Paige returns to the WWE, Nia prepares for her WrestleMania match and the Bella Twins do damage control after a Birdiebee mix-up. Watch!