Let's talk about sex!

In this hilarious sneak peek from Sunday's upcoming episode of WAGS, Tia Shipman meets up with Autumn Ajirotutu and Sasha Gates for brunch and the conversation quickly turns to the topic of relationships. The model explains that her long-distance romance with her football player boyfriend is extremely difficult and asks the married ladies for advice on how to get "wifed up" by a professional athlete.

"Put a zipper on it!" Sasha tells her. "Don't give it up."

"I don't give it up now," Tia reveals, much to Autumn's surprise and confusion. "You don't have sex?!" she repeatedly asks incredulously.

WAGS 210


Tia announces that she doesn't "partake" in that and Autumn is concerned. "So, you want to marry the ride without testing the ride?" she wonders.

"I'm sure the ride is a good ride. He plays football," Tia replies. "That don't mean nothing," Autumn corrects her.

But despite her abstinence, Tia does reveal the one activity she enjoys in the bedroom—and it's definitely nothing that Sasha or Autumn would have expected! 

Find out what it is in the clip above!

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