This is definitely not the start of a beautiful friendship.

Autumn Ajirotutu decides it would be fun to bring the wives of the L.A. Rams players and her other WAGS friends together in this clip from Sunday's all-new episode of WAGS. But unfortunately, Sophia Pierson and NFL wide receiver Brian Quick's expectant wife Michelle Quick don't hit it off very well.

"Pregnancy is years and years away," Sophia comments, after asking about Michelle's children. "I want to get my career rocking. I'm a model and an actress—and I'm not even in a relationship."

WAGS 209


"What is regular day for you?" Michelle wonders. Sophia gets offended and responds, "That's kind of a weird question. What do you do all day?"

Michelle is surprised by her reaction and replies, "Well, I'm a housewife, so I have a lot that I do." 

Still confused, Michelle continued, "She said she had a job, so why did you react that way? It was kind of like so childish to me and that's why I don't really gel with single girls. They will say things without caring." Ouch!

Watch the clip above to see the awkward exchange go down!

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