Pull your La-Z-Boy lever, grab a chicken wing and whatever amount of beer you can drink in 3 minutes, because it's time for Round 2 of GIF MADNESS!

Round 2 is all about you, the voters, selecting an ultimate winner in each category. Like the Academy Awards, if the Academy was a bunch of people in skid-marked underwear. 



Peace Cat Gif

Peace is pawssible

Horse Gif

Never look a gif horse in the mouth


For our second match-up, two #1 seeds battle it out in the FAILS category: ICE BREAKER vs. PARKOUR MASTER

Fail Gif - Ice Pool

Your assets have been frozen

Fail Gif - Chain Fall

Chain of fools


Help us choose a winner - vote below! Just a few games remain until a champion is declared and we can move on to APRIL MADNESS, the tournament of weather.

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