Jenner Talk Show Soup

Kris Jenner's days of snuggling up on a white leather couch next to an indoor fire pit with a glass of Midori and a plan for world domination are over.

She's just landed her own daytime talk show where she'll have an entire hour to fill in between her daily chemical peels! If you're feeling any animosity, just remember, you're only a murder trial and a breezy caftan away from hosting a show of your own.

In no particular order, here are nine topics we're sure she'll cover:

1. Getting Your Tweens On Birth Control

2. Negotiating Your Family Botox Plan

3. How To Grow Replacement Boobs On Sheep

4. How To Prevent Your Servants From Killing You In Your Sleep

5. The Art Of Over-Sharing

6. Nip-Slips After 50 (Margaritas)

7. Living With A Middle-Aged Lesbian

8. DNA-Testing Your Daughter

9. Keeping Up With The Lohans

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