Local News Soup X2

Thank you for another week of submitting your spectacularly spot-on news clips.  We ended up having so many great non-news-based clips this week that we didn't have room to air any! And we're not just saying that because we're about to go behind your back and sell them at the annual E! garage sale. We're only dumping our clips of Ryan Seacrest there. Again, we are truly grateful for your efforts, and we're giving out honorable mentions here instead.

Haven't Heard The News

Submitted By: Laura Bloemeke

Simon Says Snooze

Submitted By: Matthew Kilgannon

Storming Off

Submitted By: Jason Kane

Please keep your links coming! Post your local news videos either to the comments section below, or to our wall on Facebook. When your Soup-tailored alarm goes off Wednesdays at 10/9C, you can see if your news clip made it onto the show, and/or TheSoupTV.com.

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