No, not the Shaquille O'Neal movie. We're talking about the ‘name that tune' smartphone app that'll indentify a song playing around you just by having your phone ‘listen' to it for a moment. Pretty spiffy!

If that small bit of instant gratification seems a little 2009 to you, how about using it to access exclusive content while watching The Soup? Yup. Super spiffy!

Soup Shazam Lexus Sweeps V2

Just use Shazam while tuned in to The Soup and the app will use science and the future to fetch exclusive content and enhancemify your viewing experience.
You can also use the app to enter the Ultimate Soup LA VIP Giveaway for a chance at a really fancy-schmancy trip to LA; complete with ritzy accommodations, spa treatment, 5-star food, your own personal chauffeured Lexus, and of course an invitation to come see The Soup and Joel McHale in person!
Exclusive content, awesome sweepstakes, and the means to pretend that you're a cyborg anthropologist sent back in time to study the reproductive and regurgitative habits of Jersey-dwelling orange people. What's not to love?

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