If you weren't able to get tickets for Charlie Sheen's Torpedo of Truth tour, why not settle back with The Soup's cherry bomb of lies blog? Dig the best of this week:

1. Dancing With the Stars: Kendra is not one to hold back her feelings, and sometimes a gal needs to stick her finger down her throat to get her point across. Like now.

Keep clicking, Soup fiends!

2. Celebrity Apprentice: NeNe is none too happy about LaToya and her face being named project manager. Now LaToya lashes back! As only LaToya can!

3. Bethenny Ever After: Beth's got issues. No, not with weight, BFFs, men, cocktails, children, etc., but with the classic blame target of 'em all: mommy. This is one ever after that doesn't involve "happily."

4. Tori & Dean: As science tells us, even rats have to unrinate. But on Tori Spelling?  

5. Playdates: What do you get when you cross the debauched, jaded, sexually aggressive/desperate world of Sex and the City with a bunch of cute Big Apple toddlers? This.

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