It's ain't easy being royal and beautiful.

Elizabeth Hurley's son Damian Hurley makes his debut on The Royals as a spoiled German prince turned reality star in this sneak peek from Sunday's all-new episode!

While Queen Helena is sick in bed, she stumbles across the television show Royal & Beautiful, in which a rich, young monarch is making his manservant work out...while carrying him on his back!

But when the poor butler complains about the pain, the prince is extremely offended!

"His back? What about my feelings?" he whines. "I am the crowned prince of Lichtenstein. He needs to bow down to the crown. Nobody understands what it's like to be royal and beautiful. Nobody!"

Well, that's not entirely true because the Queen certainly appreciates that struggle!

Meanwhile, Liz previously chatted with E! News about how proud she was of her son for joining season three.

"He was always there—he was assisting, he was running lines with actors and everybody always said, 'You'll be in it one day, Damian.' And then suddenly it came that they'd written this part," she explained. "It was just fabulous for him to have this time to step up."

Well done!

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